ooooooo!  My first app review for iGameMom!  Fun.  This is a great app for little ones.  We visit it often (I sometimes visit it without G…so embarrassing)!

Math App from Wild Kratts on PBS Kids-iGameMom



Here’s another app review I did for iGameMom.  We love this app, it’s such a sweet book.  Plus, it really cracks me up how a group of peacocks is called an ostentation.  Who knew?

A Troop is a Group of Monkeys-iGameMom




What better apps to have when you’re on the road than apps that allow your little ones to send creative email postcards to their loved ones?

Email for Kids Encouraging Creativity-iGameMom



The-Trip-Little-Critter-Reading-AdventureWell…our life currently is one giant trip, so why wouldn’t we love a sweet educational, digital activity book?  You don’t have to be traveling to love it.  It’s a great rainy day activity too—>The Trip – Little Critter Reading Adventure-iGameMom



A kooky, haunted museum, sticker book app.  This is another great travel app.  See more on iGameMom—>Storytelling with Buildo Museum Sticker Book.




Jakes-Never-Land-Pirate-SchoolThis is a cute travel app.  It’s not school, school.  It’s cute Pirate, fun school.  Click for more—>FREE App: Jake’s Never Land Pirate School-iGameMom




UnknownOh that Little Critter.  Mercer Mayer’s stories and illustrations are so cute.  Learn more about these OceanHouse Media classics here—->Little Critter Collection 2 – Great Early Childhood Stories.






Another fun app from iGameMom.  I’m not sure who had more fun with this one, me or my son.  You can learn more here—>FREE App: Lego Movie Maker.  If you’d like, you can partake in a private viewing of our film below and then tell Scorsese to move it over.


imagesOh no!  I kind of have my first developer crush.  This very cool Brooklyn (of course!) based company designed an incredibly beautiful anatomy app called  The Human Body.  <——Click this link to learn more about it on



imagesIf you have little ones, spread the word.  Words That Go is an adorable spelling app, perfect for little ones just getting started on the whole reading thing.   Learn more at iGameMom here- Words That Go with Richard Scarry’s Busytown Cars




The-Book-of-HolesThis is one of the most gorgeous apps I’ve ever had the privilege to review.  The Book of Holes explains the world in an artful and existential way.  Learn more here on iGameMom—>The Book of Holes – Explore Everything Through Nothing.




Phonics-MunchThis is a phonics app with a printable worksheet component.  Not just one worksheet, a booklet of worksheets I use over and over again with my 3 year old.  Learn more on iGameMom—> Learn Phonics with Phonics Munch.




Millie-Book-App-SeriesMillie.  She loves bacon.  She also runs off to some crazy island that looks suspiciously like Central Park.  Very sneaky Millie.  Learn more about Millie on iGameMom—>Interactive Adventure App Series – Adorable Dog Stories.



Zorbit’s-Math-Adventure-PreschoolPreschool math is tricky.  I was dubious to give my 3 year old a math app, but he really loved it and took away some new skills.  More on iGameMom—>Preschool Math Game – Zorbit’s Math Adventure

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