Ooooooo!  My first app review for iGameMom-fun.  This is a great math app for little ones.  We visit it often (sometimes without my son-so embarrassing).  Math App from Wild Kratts on PBS Kids-iGameMom



We love this app-such a sweet book.  Plus, it cracks us up how a group of peacocks is called an ostentation.  Who knew?  A Troop is a Group of Monkeys-iGameMom



What better app to have when you’re on the road than one that allows your little ones to send creative email postcards to their loved ones?Email for Kids Encouraging Creativity-iGameMom


The-Trip-Little-Critter-Reading-AdventureCurrently, our life is one giant trip-so why wouldn’t we love a sweet, educational, digital activity book?  You don’t have to travel to love it.  It’s a great rainy day activity too.  The Trip – Little Critter Reading Adventure-iGameMom


A kooky, haunted museum, sticker book app.  Great for travel.  See more on iGameMom.  Storytelling with Buildo Museum Sticker Book.



Jakes-Never-Land-Pirate-SchoolThis is a cute travel app.  It’s not school, school.  It’s cute, pirate, fun, school.  Click for more—>FREE App: Jake’s Never Land Pirate School-iGameMom


UnknownOh, that Little Critter.  Mercer Mayer’s stories and illustrations are so darling.  Learn more about these OceanHouse Media classics here—->Little Critter Collection 2 – Great Early Childhood Stories.




I’m not sure who had more fun with this one, me or my son.  You can learn more here—>FREE App: Lego Movie Maker.  If you’d like, you can partake in a private viewing of our film below and then tell Scorsese to move over.


imagesI kind have my first developer crush.  This very cool Brooklyn (of course) based company designed an incredibly beautiful anatomy app called  The Human Body.  <——Click this link to learn more about it on


imagesIf you have little ones, spread the word.  Words That Go is an adorable spelling app, perfect for little ones just starting to read. Learn more at iGameMom here—> Words That Go with Richard Scarry’s Busytown Cars


The-Book-of-HolesThis is a gorgeous app.  The Book of Holes explains the world in an artful and existential way.  Learn more here on iGameMom—>The Book of Holes – Explore Everything Through Nothing.


Phonics-MunchThis phonics app has a printable worksheet component-not just one worksheet, a booklet of worksheets I use over and over again with my three-year-old.  Learn more on iGameMom—>Learn Phonics with Phonics Munch.


Millie-Book-App-SeriesMillie.  She loves bacon.  She also runs off to some crazy island that looks suspiciously like Central Park.  Very sneaky Millie.  Learn more about Millie on iGameMom—>Interactive Adventure App Series – Adorable Dog Stories.


Zorbit’s-Math-Adventure-PreschoolPreschool math is tricky.  I was dubious to give my three-year-old a math app, but he loved it and took away some new skills.  More on iGameMom—>Preschool Math Game – Zorbit’s Math Adventure



Just like it sounds-your little ones will have a lovely time dressing up these cute pandas.  Click for more—>Play Dress Up Games with Lovely Bears


Night-Zookeeper-Story-Pairs.pngThis memory game with a twist unlocks bits of a sweet story with every match.  Play Matching Game to Tell a Story



Froggy-e1391701388685.pngHelp your little one wrap their mouth around the sounds letters make with this cute app.  Learn Phonics with Froggy-Froggy Phonics App



Captain-Math-App-Arithmetic-game-for-children.pngThis app is little above my three-year-old, but if your kids are ready to memorize their times tables-this will help.  Click here for more—>Play Pirate Games and Practice Math



Unknown-e1400078873162.jpegAs an educational app nerd, I love any app that will prep the little ones for their big, first day of school.  Help Kids Be Ready for Kindergarten with Ready-K


Unknown-e1390833324994.jpegSuper Why should get a medal for its adorableness.  PBS is always the place to go for solid educational apps.  Super Why Phonics Fair-Early Literacy App from PBS Kids


PBSKids.CookiesChallengeicon-650x650-e1412781768871.png“Only tap dog with blue hat,” says Cookie.  Color differentiation is a life skill.  Thank you Cookie.  Play Games and Learn Life Skills with Cookie Monster


RangerRick.Appventures_Bears_icon-e1388417841875.pngRanger Rick is important for many reasons.  It’s good to see him keep up with the times with his own app.  Learn Everything about Bears with Ranger Rick Jr. Bear App


845218145x356-e1398088094170.jpgNaturally, I love these apps.  Ocean House Media is a powerhouse for getting educational content onto a screen.  Learn more here—>Four Nature Science Apps in One-Outside Your Door from Cat in the Hat Learning Library


Unknown-e1405035155663.jpegA great story to learn about alligators and the Everglades.  The Swamp Where Gator Hides



Free-app-Farfaria-for-kids.pngThis app is almost overwhelming in its scope.  If you travel and can’t take your whole library of bedtime stories with you-Farfaria has you covered.  Farfaria-A Traveling Book Library for Kids



Tower-Math-app.jpgFrom the creators of Stack the States and Countries, we LOVE this challenging math app.  Click here for more—>Fun Math App to Get Your Brain in Shape-Tower Math


Penguin-Kindergarten.pngHelp the penguins find the letters they’re looking for.  Play Learning Games With Penguins



Shape-the-Village.pngYour child will know every shape there is after using this app.  Fun Shape Learning App: Shape the Village

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