When you travel with kids, which we started to do continually when our son was one, you quickly learn there are certain things that make life easier, primarily books (fine, and an iPad too).

BUT not just any books.

As impractical as it may sound, I carry with me (literally travel on my back) full sized, hard cover, real life children’s books—everywhere.


Plus we get a library card in every city we land in (and a few late fees too).  M thinks I’m insane, and rightfully so, but no child should miss out on the greatest gift ever bestowed on anyone since time began, a deep love of books cultivated before you can even speak.

Our favorites are here and by all means, use this form to send me more suggestions.  We’ll devour them.

And iPad apps?  They are a powerful tool if used wisely and sparingly.  I began reviewing kids’ apps on just as we hit the road in 2011.  There are a LOT of bad ones, but the good ones can make your child a genius.

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