On Moving On-

This blog has been dormant for a really long time-obviously.

Since my last post from Ireland, we were routed through the US, back to Sydney and then suddenly transferred to London.


The biggest change?  London isn’t a tour.  London is a place we will stay for at least three whole years, in fact, we just finished one of those years.  How can that be?

The biggest challenge?  Staying put.  We all forgot how to do it.  In fact, after five months in our first flat, we moved to a new one.  It simply felt like the natural thing to do for a family who’s been itinerant for five years.  Now with seven months behind us in the same flat, in the same town, in the same jolly old England, it’s time to move again-metaphorically, if not literally.

I trimmed and tucked Maison Loup, this last post will tie it up in a bow, then I will use it as a giant springboard to leap into the world of modern freelance writing.  (Any tips and tricks, ps, from all you freelancers/bloggers/editors/writers out there will be greatly appreciated and repaid with a knighthood from the Queen.  That’s what she said, anyway.  I’m sure I can hold her to it.)

Please come to see me in my new space—>elizabethgracewolf.com

You can find the subscribe button by clicking the three lines in the upper right-hand corner.  While the site is essentially a space to hold writing clips for editors to peruse, I’ll run a blog there also.  There are too many wonderful stories to share from London.

Thank you for joining us on the road for all these years, this space has introduced us to wonderful people, taught me wonderful skills and kept us connected to people we already knew were wonderful.

Happy 2018.



writer---currently in London

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