It happened so quickly.  We were there-then we were gone.


We were also ill in Melbourne-constantly.

I don’t mean once or twice-I mean CONSTANTLY.

It was our son’s first go at five days a week in school with other children and they shared each other’s germs freely.  Some were colds, some were flu.  My favorite was a delirious/I don’t know who I am/just leave me here and save yourselves kind of flu.

I’m certain we can trace that one back to Cuba.

A week before we left Melbs for Perth, I dragged my poor husband out with me and begged him to do a mini photo essay of the city for us.  I wanted a reminder of how much we loved Melbourne and all the wonderful people we met there between illnesses.

A post of all the loveliness of Melbs is long overdue.  Enjoy these brief highlights.

Our Flat 

The Laneways


The Victoria Markets


Along the Yarra River


The Royal Botanic Gardens


Mr Kookaburra


The Arcades


The Mysterious Gog and McGog


My son and I waited fifteen minutes one day so we could see them strike their bells.  It was WELL worth the wait.


writer---currently in London

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  • It’s true! It’s Australia’s most European city. All the brick and tiny laneways are counterintuitive to what you think when you think, ‘Australia!’

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