We had a rough go in our first apartment in Perth.

BUT…if you graciously accept the bad along with the good (which we didn’t), you may receive a nice surprise.

Or at least you may have MORE appreciation for the nice surprises that come along.

Lapetanque Father's-Day-Lunch

The surprise?

Our new apartment looks over the park where Perth held its Australia Day festivities.  We had no idea.  Normally, Australia Day would pass us by, just like the Fourth of July and Bastille Day often do.  Heat, crowds and traffic are not for us, even when a good game of petanque is promised.

As a child, the anticipation for G was high as he watched the fairground assemble itself from our balcony.  As a parent, the thrill was in the knowledge I could walk him down and walk him right back.   Heat and crowds, yes, but traffic, no.

On the day we did everything he dreamed of.  We ate Sausage Sizzles (Australian for Hot Dogs) and Snow Cones.

We saw Bubble Shows and Motorcycle Stunts (along with this guy—>).

That’s the AU chant.  Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi! Oi! Oi!

Bouncy Castles and Dunk Tanks were given a go.


He tried to go down the highest water slide in the park (when I say highest, I mean it would give a little boy a zing in his tummy), but once he climbed up he discovered it was higher than he thought and he did NOT want to make the journey down.  There were tears and I had to climb up to get him.  I didn’t make a big deal of it, but I told him I thought he would enjoy it if he gave it a try.

From the terrace, the water slides looked fully conquerable!


Just before we left, he said, “Mama.  I want to try the big slide again.”

I didn’t suggest it.  I didn’t push him.  He decided to do it of his own volition.

And he didn’t like it, but the little man tried so I ordered him some fireworks.





Accidental traveller---currently in NYC

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