Spam Spam Spam Spam

While my heart will always belong to the Spamalot of the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas, it was a huge treat for M to get to Assistant Direct the show for just a three night run at the Hollywood Bowl.  In the span of two weeks he flew from Melbourne to LA, taught the show to a group of actors who had never done it before and then flew from LA back to Melbourne.  His jet lag still runs deep, but he took some great photos.



Accidental traveller---currently in NYC


  • I would love to have seen that, I never got to see Spamalot when it was on Broadway and always wanted to. MP and the Holy Grail is one of my favorite films and a work of comedic brilliance. Beautiful photo’s.

  • Awesome! That “M” is a mover and shaker!👯👯!! So are you buying the Lego Kit😊😄
    We miss you😘😘!

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