Happy (belated) Easter

I would like to thank the people over at MrPrintables.com as they were the force behind this year’s Easter Egg decorating success.

IMG_3821It is a relief to be of a certain age and finally accept who you are.  You are not crafty.  You admire all the Do-It-Yourselfers out there and their blogs with endless tips and tricks (a personal favorite is katescreativespace.com –go look at her baby chick cupcakes), but when they show you what the finished product should look like you always think…ug.  can I just buy that from you?

i know this is not a bad effort, but i had no patience to hold the egg so it could dry and one side is a gloppy, glittery mess. 

Then Mr. Printables entered my life and assumed I could at least use a pair of scissors and some glue (barely).


They gave me a printable template for an egg car and some eggy outfits.  All we had to do was draw some faces on the eggs, a job I gleefully passed on to Michael and G.

IMG_3825 I hope you had a marvelous day.


Accidental traveller---currently in London


  • Love the eggs, I love the little cars and the painted eggs are so cute. I have great admiration for those gifted people who can decorate and paint and cut and clip pieces of art. I am not that person, I will definitely be checking out Mr. Printables.

  • The eggs are charming,
    so cute and well done,
    what say we cheat
    And Eat One/Yum yum/ Love, GG

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