Room with a View

My obsession with urban views was born in my first New York City apartment where I had the view of a brick wall.  I thought it was the greatest thing I’d ever seen.  Since then, I’m just as easily dazzled by a good metropolitan view as a six month old is when you dangle a set of keys in front of them.  So shiny!  But after so many years in New York with varying urban views, mostly of the insides of other people’s apartments, I forgot about the sky…and nature in general really.  This is not possible in Australia.  The majority of its views are a not so gentle reminder of nature’s awesomeness.

From our Sydney Perch—>various sunsets over the Blue Mountains




—>and moon rises


—>and this guy who scared the ever loving H. E. double hockey sticks out of us every month or so when he’d come to clean the windows

IMG_8370From our Brisbane perch—>a storm’s a brewin’



—> a moon’s a risin’


and from our porch in Byron Bay—>under dark blue twilight the bats are a flyin’

(best to watch full screen)


Accidental traveller---currently in London


  • Lovely! The first time we came back to NYC after we’d moved abroad I actually clapped and cheered as the skyline came into view!

  • I love that you had a “view” of a brick wall (I know what you mean, though, when you say you loved it!). The bat video is fun, thanks for sharing it. Wishing you a wonderful 2015!

  • Just the word bats scares me, I have had them fly through my living room a couple of times while watching TV, after hiding under a throw for sometime I bravely peeped out to see where he was and low and behold, he was on the enclosed back porch so I shut the door and called my neighbor who did the right thing by helping it escape.The moral to the story is, “keep them down under”, I’m too old for that much excitement. Loved all the beautiful pictures tho, Bats and all.. Love, GG

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