Room with a View

My obsession with urban views was born in my first New York City apartment where I had the view of a brick wall.  It was the greatest thing I’d ever seen.  Since then, I’m as easily dazzled by a metropolitan view as a six-month-old is by a dangling set of keys.  So shiny!  After so many years in New York with varying urban views-mostly of the insides of other people’s apartments-I forgot about the sky and nature in general really.  This is not possible in Australia.  The majority of its views are a not so gentle reminder of nature’s awesomeness.

From our Sydney Perch—>various sunsets over the Blue Mountains




—>and moon rises


—>and this guy who scared the ever loving H. E. double hockey sticks out of us every month when he’d come to clean the windows.


From our Brisbane perch—>storm’s a brewin’



—> moon’s a risin’


and from our porch in Byron Bay—>under dark blue twilight bats are flyin’

(best to watch full screen)



writer---currently in London


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