President Business

The following post is based on actual events.



“What is this?” my husband asks.


“That’s Cloud Cuckooland from the LEGO movie. I got it for the little man while you were out of town the last two days-he was such a good boy, I just thought…wait.  Why do you have a photo of it on your phone?”

“And what’s this?” he asks.


“Well, that’s Abraham Lincoln of course.  As you know, he got the LEGO White House for his 4th birthday, and I just, well, I thought Abraham Lincoln would look so cute up there and…Did our son take this picture?”

“And Homer Simpson?”


“He’s from the new Mini Figure series and our boy loves him.”

“Really? He’s four. He’s never seen the Simpsons.”

“What’s not to love?  He has a little donut and a remote control and…wait a minute.  What’s going on here?”

“Sweetie, I’m not sure how to tell you this,” he says with deep concern.

“What? How to tell me what?”

“Your recent behavior is a little LORD BUSINESS.”

“What??? How could you say that?” I gasp.

“I had the babysitter collect evidence for me while I was gone.”

“You spied on me?”

“I felt I had no choice.  She sent me the photos I just showed you.  I have to admit-this new evidence gives me pause.  Plus, you won’t allow our son to disassemble his other fourth birthday present of the Lego Parisian Restaurant,


he is not allowed to access the bricks from the LEGO Winter Cottage because you have declared it can only be put together at Christmas time, AND you organized all of his bricks by color.”


“At least I didn’t organize them by size,” I offer.

“I’m sure you thought about it.”

“I did.”

“See.  I’m afraid you might be a little too involved with the management of a children’s toy.  I just want to help you.”

“Yes, that reminds me.  I need to show you something.”

“How did you get this?” he asks clearly stung.

“Your son wanted to show the babysitter a video his PaPa made on the iPad.  She thought I’d like to see it too.  Nice work on that arch by the way.”

“You think so?  Thank you.  I was pleased with it, but I felt it needed a few more brown bricks to be reinforced.”

“The brown bricks from the Winter Cottage would be perfect for that.  Wouldn’t they?”

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