What Do You Think?-Take 2


I’m reposting this because it is my most viewed post ever AND my least liked, which I find fascinating.

I also want to clarify something important.

If the video RUN (below) was an R rated movie I saw at the movie theatre, I would think nothing of it because I am that desensitized now.  I am not against violent movies adults pay to go see.  I’m pretty Libertarian like that, Quentin Tarantino.


But this video RUN was paid for by Jay-Z and Beyonce as a promotional video for their upcoming tour.  They made it for fun, then they put it on You-Tube for every kookaburra on the planet to see…for free…as many times as they’d like…over and over and over again.


I find this egregious as Beyonce also requests below We Demand a Plan.  I think we’d all LOVE a plan.  Was this in the plan?  This is why I think Solange lost her mind and attacked Jay-Z in that elevator at the Standard.

Do we give carte blanche to our influencers and icons to ask us this:

And then do this? (Warning: This video is rated R.)

What do you think?


  • Controversial subjects can be tricky with regards to their popularity this was obviously a post that struck a chord with people. It’s a subject that is uncomfortable but every time there is another mass killing it’s at the forefront for a while, “the topic” around the global water cooler. Then it fades until it happens again. Sad really.

      • I wish the US would do as Australia did and ban weapons, not just assault rifles although that would be a good start. I understand there has not been a mass murder in Australia since they put the ban in place. The US bows to the NRA, they are powerful and until the US passes legislation protecting our citizens and isn’t afraid of cowtowing to the NRA there will be more mass murders. It’s a sad state of affairs really.

  • Its what I expect from these two, but it doesn’t make it ok. I don’t know what the recourse would be for two people as powerful and influential as they are, with so much money they can swim in it (literally it appears). Its infuriating.

    • It makes me grumpy. It’s so different to be down under and see a culture devoid of gun culture. It can be done. It can be accomplished, but it’s hard to do when People Magazine’s mother of the year perpetuates that kind of behavior, whether it’s fantasy or not, it glamorizes it. Ug.

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