What Do You Think?

(Warning: This post is rated R.)


Is it OK to do this?

And then to do this?

Maybe you should only be allowed to choose one.

What do you think?


  • Well, I have seen the first video, shortly after the mass murders at Newtown, the JayZ Beyonce video number 2, never saw that before but I found it disturbing. No, it should not be ok to do that.Hypocrites.

    • To elaborate. Video #2 was released on May 18th simply as a fake trailer to promote their upcoming concert which doesn’t really need any promotion because people LOVE them. I almost posted this comparison that day, then thought…no. Just leave it. Then Friday happened. Those poor families.

      • I know those poor families what a tragedy, again When will this stop. As for Beyoncé and jayZ well they are very popular people will still go see them and love them and overlook because if who they are.

  • Is it ‘OK’ is not the right question…..of course it’s not. It’s ‘why’ if you really believed in the first video. Unfortunately, more times than not, money and image trump what is really the ‘right’ thing to do and is obviously what is going on here. I just watched a tribute to Maya Angelou and she was spot on….’right brings might’…… and to be a great nation our focus needs to be on doing what is right……not what is always popular or profitable.

  • Pops is right! We elect our “role models”, so we must be very clear about what they represent. Integrity and authenticity are two words that come to mind. You don’t get to be a role model to young girls, mother of the year, constant talent ambassador to the white house… all while propagating demeaning images of women as sexual, gun toting objects who are merely props in a gangsta rap narrative. You don’t get to have it all ways.

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