Playing House

Back in the olden days when I fancied myself a producer of cutting edge, avant guard theatre, bla dee bla, a great college friend of mine asked me if I’d help her produce a sketch comedy show.

I said yes, because who wouldn’t, especially when all the performers were rolling out of Amy Poehler’s newly formed Upright Citizens Brigade?

Newly formed?  Like I said, olden days.

We got the show into the Fringe Festival and to this day there is one actress from that production who burned herself into my brain.

Lennon Parham

She was so funny, I can still see the exact skit she performed from 15 years ago as clearly as I can see my own hand in front of my face today.

Over those 15 years, Lennon busted her pa-tootsie.  She managed all kinds of ups and downs but she did. not. give. up, I tell you.  And now, she and her best friend have their own show on USA called Playing House. Not only do they star in it, they write it too.  Yes they do.  !!!

We can’t watch it down here dag nabbit, but if you’re in the States you can, so please do. It’s on at 10pm Friday nights. DVR it and tell me all about it.

So proud of all the sistas doin’ it for themselves.


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