Paper Bark Camp

We took a little jaunt two hours south of Sydney to visit Paper Bark Camp in Jervis Bay.  You stay in a tent, but it’s a tent with a king size bed and a claw foot bathtub.  So you don’t really camp…you glamp.  When G fell asleep M and I sat out on the tent terrace (?!) with a bit of bourbon when we suddenly heard the air slice in half.  We both froze for quite a few seconds as neither of us had ever heard a sound like that before outside the comfort of surround sound speakers.

That wasn’t a bird was it?

No.  It was a GIANT fruit bat or flying fox, harmless, but nonetheless GIANT.  It does not hover in the breeze on its fluffy feathers, it pushes the air out of its way with wings made of skin and sounds like…wait for it…Batman.

We finished our drinks inside the little tent zipper enclosure thingy.


  • Now That is camping /glamping that I could do. I’m not the outdoorsy type but a king size bed, great food, sounds really great to me. That bat is freaky big, holy cow! I really love the doughnut van.

    • It was really fun, but don’t be too jealous. It rained the WHOLE night. And while that sounds charming and comforting, it kept us up all night long. ALL NIGHT LONG. When I did sleep a bit I had dreams kangaroos were galloping by outside! Was it a dream?

  • When I think how big I thought the bats I’ve had flying around my living room and elsewhere were,you would have had to drag (or drug) me out of that tent until bright daylight. Otherwise it did look like some fancy camping. If I had my druthers I’ll take the Kangaroos in a dream in that big old bed.with a dozen donuts.and a jug of coffee. GG

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