Paper Bark Camp

We took a jaunt two hours south of Sydney to visit Paper Bark Camp in Jervis Bay.  You stay in a tent, but it’s a tent with a king size bed and a claw foot bathtub.  So you don’t really camp, you glamp.  When our son fell asleep, my husband and I sat outside on the tent’s terrace (?!) with a bit of bourbon. Then we heard the air slice in half.  We froze-neither of us had ever heard a sound like that before outside the comfort of surround sound speakers.

That wasn’t a bird, was it?

No.  It was a GIANT fruit bat, also known as a flying fox.  They are harmless, but nonetheless GIANT.  They don’t hover on the breeze with fluffy feathers-they push the air out of the way with wings made of skin that sound like, well, Batman.

We finished our drinks inside the tent’s zipper enclosure thingy.

Jervis Bay

To the CreekMorning Dew

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