One of my most favorite people on the planet works tirelessly to make daily life more sustainable for our planet.  Her (not so) quiet reminders to ditch my ziplock bags for Lunch Skins and my to-go coffee cups for a Keep Cup, have not only saved our family money, but have created an impact on how much waste goes into our planet’s landfills.

But there’s more.

She co-founded and implemented a school cafeteria composting pilot on the Upper West Side.  The waste reduction was SO large, even the Bloomberg took note.  New York City’s Departments of Education and Sanitation were so impressed with the results, they implemented a 2012 school cafeteria composting pilot CITY WIDE!

That’s New York City wide. HeaderFinal.4 JennyGreenJeans has just launched her official website with smart tips, interviews with movers and shakers and services to make your life and everybody else’s more sustainable.

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