The Crisis Continues

Since I’m still 40 we decided (I decided) to make all of January my birthday.  Indulge me while I share some highlights.
The Actual Day

I enjoyed your blog. It’s just possible that crises are supposed to be spontaneous and might be ruined by too much planning.  You seem to have had a perfectly respectable mid-life crisis that will make you the envy of your friends and is much less costly than a convertible though Michael might find a convertible more palatable than a Lego French Restaurant kit.

Love, Uncle Jack

The LEGO Acropolis at Sydney University

Manly Beach


Manly Wine

Dinner at Tetsuya


During the month of January all the kids are out of school for summer so this is when the Sydney Festival happens.  It’s like a Fringe-ish type of Festival but instead of new plays there seems to be a bigger focus on circus, magic tricks, acrobatics and the like.  There were also a few great art installations, one of which was called Sacrilege.  It was originally designed for the 2012 Olympics in London, but now it’s having a go touring the world.  In brief, it is a life sized inflatable Stone Henge…and you can bounce on it.  !?!  Happy Birthday to me.

The Messy House

I cannot believe I watched 3:17 of Jamie talk about Lego Chez Albert.  Hope your crisis is going well.


Since we couldn’t figure out a reasonable way to get the LEGO French Restaurant down under, G designed his very own Messy House…

messy castleHe describes it, Jamie style, in this video below, just for you Peter.


  • Hey Girl, seems to me you are having a whole year of B’Days as long as you are “downunder.” Absorb them all because I doubt if you ever have another like it. Loved all the pics like I love all of you. GG

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