Josh & Cam—Special Report

Weird things happen to you when you are a parent.  Am I right?  Normal, everyday things happen, but somehow a few banal events get seared with a laser into your brain.  You see a strawberry and POOF the image of that adorable strawberry knit cap comes to mind.  You see a candy cane and POOF you’re funneled right back into all the rounds and rounds of Candy Land you pretended to lose.  The simplest reminders can conjure up such potent memories you just feel like you might not be able to handle it.

So it is with Josh and Cam.

Josh and G on a bus ride from Kalamazoo to Cleveland

We had such a wild time in New York before we left on tour for Les Mis with Michael.  G was only two and didn’t really have a chance to spend time with too many other children besides his gorgeous God-sister and cousins.  When we joined Les Mis there were three kids—Josh, Cam and Erin—who took G under their wings even though he was much younger than their wise eight year old selves.  Erin was little Cosette in the show and Josh was Gavroche.  Cam, Josh’s brother came along on the tour with his (awesome) parents for support.  These were the first kids G really knew by name, asked after, and was desperate to see, so much so that whenever I am reminded of them it is with warm and fuzzy, happy and gooey thoughts in my heart.  There were of course more of these fuzzy cuties to come, but these three were the first.

Cam on the bus.  Sometimes we wouldn't see G for hours at a time.  Michael would get jealous.
Cam on the bus. Sometimes we wouldn’t see G on the bus for hours at a time. Michael would get jealous.

Josh left the tour to make his Broadway debut in Disney’s Newsies.  Then Cam wound up in Kinky Boots with Cyndi Lauper and  the two brothers have found themselves on Broadway at the same time.  (!!)  So as if that isn’t enough to make us beam with happiness when we hear Girls Just Wanna Have Fun in the grocery store…

yesterday, THIS happened.  Look at the photos above and then watch this video closely.

You can imagine our GLEE when we watched Will Ferrell pretty much plow right over Josh.  I think my head almost popped off.  G yelled,  ‘It’s Josh and Cam.  It’s Josh and Cam.’

That’s right Mr. Ferrell.  It’s Josh and Cam.


  • Life is bizarre sometimes! I just got back to blogging and thought I’d visit your blog again. I always wondered if you enjoyed Vancouver when you toured here. When I got to this post, I laughed ’cause I JUST finished watching that hilarious clip of Will Ferrel and the boys’ choir.

  • Josh & Cam have indeed made an impression on Gray and they all have some wonderful memories to store away for another time in their growing up years. What a fun Life they are living,may it keep on going until “real life” sets in and Will Ferrell ,with white hair and carrying a cane, will still be funny.
    Loved the clip/ GG

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