Opening Night

The Lion King is officially open, but before that happened G went to go see a preview with Michael and sat right behind Angelina Jolie and half of her children—Maddox, Vivienne and Knox.


I found this very auspicious as the first friends G made here in Sydney were 2 baby goats named Vivienne and Knox at the Taronga Zoo.

Vivienne & Knox

We asked G several times what he thought of the show, but his most burning question was about Timon.  In the cartoon, Timon is a meerkat who looks like this.

In the musical Timon is a puppet operated by an actor dressed in green to sort of blend into the background.

G: Who’s that green guy?

M: That’s the puppeteer who plays Timon.

G: Oh.

(3 second hold)

G: Who’s that green guy?

On the day of opening night we had a holiday vibe run through the house. G and I built a Winter Cottage out of Lego while M got some last minute things done.  Then we got ready to go.

I thought this firming and lifting mask might help me compete with Angelina…


The show was beautiful.

after the show—we scrubbed up!

The party was harbor side in an old shipping warehouse refurbished into a fancy event space.

Inside the Venue
inside the venue

They passed these little gems out to all the ladies to keep their fancy heels from slipping in between the plank wood floor.

outside the venue (my new friend...wife of one of the actors...their 4 year old will go to preschool with G)
outside the venue (my new friend…wife of one of the actors…their 4 year old will go to preschool with G)

Here’s a little parlor game G and I play together.  Below is a photo of all the leads in full costume and makeup.

(there’s ms jolie again)
 Below are a few photos of them scrubbed up for the party.  Can you tell who plays who?

Have a FABULOUS holiday season.  See you next year.


  • BTW- my brother is quite a DASHING DIRECTOR..I am just saying!! So proud of you both-I love, love, love ya’ll(one for each of you 3) XOXOXO!

  • I had to read this twice as I skimmed the first time and thought that the goats were in the row in front of G on opening night. Now I am caught up. You all look fabulous! Hugs and misses.

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