I Want to Go There

From our balcony you can see the playground of a school/daycare.  The day we moved in G said, ‘I want to go there…now.’

there it is
‘right now’

Well, the process of getting into a pre-school in a metropolis is mind numbing on a good day, but then add to the mix, we just arrived and wait lists for preschool in Sydney can be up to a year long.  I honestly didn’t think it was going to happen for him, but with some perseverance I discovered this center, the very one visible from our balcony, was about to have one spot open up on Fridays and I was determined to nab it.  For four years I’ve prepped myself for the eventual NYC pre-school battle, and let me tell you…the prep paid off.  They probably thought I was a lunatic to not wait for their answers to phone calls and emails, because instead I just showed up at their door—check, birth certificate and proof of vaccinations in hand.

So while this is a temporary fix, just once a week until the school year starts end of January (that is a whole separate battle), I am pleased to announce the bonus for G was his introductory visit to his new school also coincided with Halloween.  He did not cry in his costume this year.  He was just ambivalent instead.

skeletonWe walked him over…

schoolAfter I dropped him off, I immediately went back to our balcony and spied on him.

that's him!
that’s him!

When I picked him up, we went to Chef’s Gallery for special pumpkin buns.



  • wHAT DOES THE (FOX) Wolf say? Only G’pa would say “How High is that fence?”. Love the “sob saga” and glad it wasn’t a broken part of G’s little anatomy. Just think, this is just the beginning of Life in Koala Land/ If the Fox song hasn’t hit down there you will think GG has really lost it and I have.

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