The 10 Best Things in Sydney…

…according to a 3 year old.

  • NUMBER 10
The Shells
The Shells (aka Sydney Opera House)
  • NUMBER 9
Naval Parade
The Maritime Parade
  • NUMBER 8
Sunset Bondi Beach
The Sunset on Bondi Beach
  • NUMBER 7
The Platypus (Michael wants you to please excuse this poor photo-it was very dark!)
  • NUMBER 6
The Marshmellow Bunny
Just like on the cover of his Mouk book
  • NUMBER 5
Sleeping Millie
Millie falling asleep sitting up
  • NUMBER 4
Piggie Buns
Piggie Buns
  • NUMBER 3
The Darling Harbor Slide
The Darling Harbor Slide
  • NUMBER 2
The Octopus at the Sydney Fish Market
  • And the Number 1 Best Thing in Sydney according to G is…
The Bebechino
It’s  just steamed milk with chocolate sprinkled on it.


  • Hey There Missey Boo,
    Such adorable pictures..Looks like you are all adjusting well to your great new location!!
    Am gathering info/pricing from Triple A for next Nov/Dec. for myself and my friend Arleigh. Looks like it will be a go! So keep that spare room open for a few days.
    How do we contact you all other than this site?
    Love You All,
    Auntie Linda

  • This “new life” movie is starting out to be just as exciting as the last and keeps our interests peaked
    for the next feature.The price is right, the cast could not be better and like no other movie,it hopefully plays through a fabulous year-plus.
    What a Life/ What a Deal/ Applause in order/ love, GG

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