Greetings From Down Under

There are millions of dollars left on the table by the pharmaceutical industry each day they don’t find a cure for jet lag. As I mentioned last week, time heals all wounds, it’s just that sometimes time can take up so much time.


Our flight was relatively easy, our arrival had a few hiccups such as—we left a suitcase at the airport—our first jet lag related casualty. But in all fairness we did feel like we were on the moon, or in the twilight zone or on the other side of the planet (!).  Every now and again I would fall asleep for about 4 seconds mid sentence with my eyes open.

We called this phenomenon the black holes.

black hole over piggie buns
black hole over piggie buns

The black holes worked like this:

Michael would say,’What did you want?’
I would not respond.
‘What did you want?’ Michael would ask again.
‘Did I want something?’ I would say.
‘Didn’t you just ask me for something?’
‘I don’t know, did I?’

These types of episodes went on for days.

The only one not affected by the black holes of jet lag was G, of course, who found his rhythm the moment we arrived and was never grumpy or ill tempered because I’m pretty sure he’s a cyborg.

g conquers opera house steps
g conquers the opera house steps

Then Friday happened, what I like to call our banner day. We slept well, ate good food on a normal schedule, exercised and spent a full day outside. We walked to the harbor and took a ferry over to the Taronga Zoo situated just across the water. They have a sky lift there that takes you from the ferry up to the zoo nestled into a lush, green hillside.  The view from here is the Sydney skyline and the crystal clear water that surrounds it.

sky rail over the zoo
sky rail over the zoo

It was here, inside this ski lift pod, our circadian rhythms suddenly locked step with the time and place our bodies already inhabited. Michael laughed out, ‘This is amazing! Where are we? Jurassic Park?’

‘We’re in Australia,’ I marveled, ‘I just couldn’t see it through all those black holes!’

Then we met Darwin.


And Ruby.

also sleepy
also sleepy

And Millie!

millie was awake and SO outrageously cute
millie was awake and SO outrageously cute

And while the black holes have lessened in frequency and intensity they are still with us, so we’ll have more about Australia soon!


  • Well sweetie, you’ve done it again. No tour guide could ever have done a better job of introducing us to the “Downunder’ as you see it for the first time, dark holes and all. Gray has to be beside himself with all the new things he is discovering and has barely scratched the surface of places ro go and things to see. What a Life/ Can hardly wait for the next episode. Love you all and still pretending you are just on a vacation and will be home soon. Silly Girl huh?? GG

  • Awww…cute post….Darwin and Ruby are also cute…i must say this is cutie post.

  • I feel as tho I just got back from another great trip to the beautiful “down Under”and must get unpacked. and settled into the humdrum of reality. Such great pics and “cute stuff” just keeps growing up before my eyes, adorable, happy,and I hope absorbing as much as possible,all the wonders of the world he is enjoying. What a Life/ That goes for his Wonderful parents who knock themselves out to see that he does. Hugs to the three of you and the darling Koala bears or,arboreal marsupials. How’s that for a dummy from Kalamazoo???? GG

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