Down in New Orleans-Cochon


Because it was so stinking good, I had to share our love of spicy Cochon on EatDressGo—>Down in New Orleans-Cochon —




By Elizabeth ODonnell

So you’ve found yourself in the Warehouse District of New Orleans and you just realized, while the streets are lined with some beautiful art galleries, the area is primarily filled with businesses.  But, wait!  If you leave the district without a visit to Cochon, you are about to miss out on the sauciest, spiciest restaurant south of the Mason-Dixon line. Drop in for the steamy, swampy, Streetcar Named Desire atmosphere and then stay awhile to sip on a Catahoula Hound Dog in the shadow of a slow moving ceiling fan.

By the time you finish your cocktail, there is no way you won’t be ready for some succulent cajun cooking after you just watched order after order of Crawfish PieSmoked Ham Hock and Creamy Grits go by.  When your very own order of Rabbit and Dumplings finally comes to the table and you take that first bite, you’ll realize it was made not just with southern expertise, but with southern love.  There is an unquantifiable amount of pride, heritage and sheer love in these dishes you can taste.  Has anyone ever made you their secret, homemade chicken noodle soup just because they love you and want you to feel better? Cochon tastes like that, but with the added bonus of another Catahoula Hound Dog.

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