It’s a Wynn Wynn

So Las Vegas and a 3 year old don’t really go together do they?  I mean, this isn’t really right…


But, the last week of the Les Mis tour took place in Las Vegas, so what were we supposed to do, book a room at the Wynn Hotel and go out in flashy Vegas style?  I hope so, because that’s what we did.  Now remember, the Wynn is not just a place where Princes get their bare bottoms photographed and giant inflatable frogs sing Garth Brooks’ songs, no siree.

The Wynn is also a hotel that opened in 2006 and christened its Wynn Theatre with a production of Spamalot.  Just after we found out Michael got a job in that show for a year as a tap dancing knight, we got engaged.  This is how Mr. Wynn’s eponymous hotel, in all its flashy glory, became an accidental home away from home for 2 people who A) had never been to Vegas and B) had never planned to go to Vegas.

la times
 Michael on the right—>la

In 2007 I had my first lunch at the hotel’s Terrace Point Cafe with a girlfriend.   We looked out over the surreal Wynn pool and talked about whether or not Michael and I wanted kids, a complicated endeavor in a show biz life, with many, many reasons (clearly) to not do it.  I remember I thought I couldn’t imagine not having kids, and at the same time I was all too familiar with the uncertainty of the kind of life we led.  There have been so many struggles tossed our way over the last few years, the juggling of apartments and travel schedules, the endless discussions about Michael’s career, my career, where to live, what to do…but here we were, 6 years later, back at the Wynn.

are you kidding me with this pool?
are you kidding me with this pool?—>

This time though, Michael was buttoning up his first Resident Director gig, while I giggled with our three year old at the Terrace Point Cafe over a ($18!) peanut butter and jelly pillow.  I texted my girlfriend I had had lunch with all those years ago just to let her know where I was and who I was with and how happy I was to have had some faith.  I looked out over that crazy pool into the exciting and no doubt challenging future that lay ahead and thought…Steve Wynn works in mysterious ways.


The tour of Les Mis is all done now, a bitter sweet ending to almost two years of Michael on the road.  It was much harder to say goodbye to the  friends who had become like a family than I thought it would be.  G still looks for them all when we’re in the airport and I suspect he’ll do so for a long time to come.  Aw.  Little guy.

Thank you Victor Hugo
We’ll miss you, Victor Hugo

I’ll be on a bloggy break while we visit friends and family and prepare to head down under in early October.  Enjoy the rest of the summer and we’ll see you in Sydney.  Come with us!  OK?


  • Can’t wait to see you and just hang out. Show closes on Sunday, so I’ll have even more time than expected. So, we can do what ever, when ever!! xoxo! Gunkle C.

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