The Twin Cities

Minneapolis accidentally became about food, family and rock climbing (?).

Backstage at the Orpheum Theatre. Skating Aristocrats! Society Monkeys!

smack_shack_logoOur first meal was with my mom’s cousins who met us for lunch at the Smack Shack. A few years back one of them hunted this place down all the way from St. Louis (I guess it’s from him I inherited my desire to hunt down good eats). What began as a humble food truck has now blossomed into a sprawling indoor outdoor restaurant boasting the best lobster rolls west of Maine.

Our second meal was at my Dad’s cousin’s house. His French wife who I’ve somehow never met, works in wardrobe at the Orpheum Theatre and did day work for Les Mis. ??? They had us over for a last minute French supper which concluded with left over sparklers from the Fourth of July (or Bastille Day peut-être).

Mail Attachment copy

Somewhere in between these meals we packed up our stuff, sent it back to NY and prepared for the last week of tour with a play date for G and his best bud from the show. They decided to go rock climbing.  (!!)




Our next and last stop on this crazy 25th Anniversary Tour was Vegas, baby.

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