Whatever, Vancouver

Ugh. Vancouver. I don’t know how you can sleep at night. If you could just find a few ways to make your town a little bit more attractive I think we’d all really appreciate it.  Maybe you could find some more understatedly beautiful residents or at least some better views.

Lion’s Gate Bridge—yuck!

Maybe you could figure out how to harness your natural resources and produce more lush vegetation.

the path leading up to our rental home
the path leading up to our rental home—so drab!

Why don’t you think about building a huge, zero entry, heated, salt water pool that looks out over not just the ocean, but the mountains as well?  I know I’m pushing it with this one, but just think about it.

Mail Attachment copy 10
the saltwater pool in Kitsalano

You could also get a real park that juts out into the ocean and has a seawall built around it, imagine how nice that would be for visitors.  Maybe let people bike around it?

Mail Attachment copy 15
the seawall around Stanley Park

Or maybe you could just pull yourself together enough to get some some decent food…

Mail Attachment copy 14
a Belgian restaurant

or some pristine beaches with built in log seating…

Kitsalano Beach
Kitsalano Beach

or at least some nice playground equipment…

Mail Attachment copy 12

And I’m sure it wouldn’t be too much to ask for you to just get an Aquarium already with a porpoise who swims all the way across the tank just to say hello to my son. Could you just do that?  I don’t think it’s so much to ask.

hello friend
hello friend

So, you just let us know when you decide to get it together Vancouver, and maybe, MAYBE we’ll come back to visit you again one day.


  • Oh I love the photo’s. Really beautiful, especially that lovely house with the beautiful walkway! So maybe Vancouver will get it together!!

  • You are too funny…. Vancouver is my home town, those things you were talking about are so easy to take for granted when you live here…thank you for showing me it through your eyes…I am happy you are here while the sun is shining! If you have time try for a ferry ride to one of the Gulf Islands.. so magical.

    • That’s always the way, isn’t it? Maybe you and your Vancouver posse can have a reclaim Vancouver day. Just be tourists for a day. I tried to do that in NYC and it surprised me how much of a boost it gave me. Enjoy the sunshine.

  • Ohhhhhh….so homesick now! Thanks :). No but seriously, thanks for sharing. Glad to see you enjoying all the wonderful things the city has to offer. You even got to Chambar! Well, here’s hoping we both get back there soon.

  • And while you are at it Vancouver, why don’t you give this Author, photographer, whatever,a chance to sell the people on how truly gorgeous you are? Just sayin’. GG

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