Whatever, Vancouver

Ugh. Vancouver. I don’t know how you can sleep at night. If you could find a few ways to make your town a little more attractive, we’d all appreciate it.  Maybe you could find some more understatedly beautiful residents-or at least some better views.

lion’s gate bridge-yuck

Maybe you could harness your natural resources to produce more lush vegetation.

the path leading up to our rental home-so drab

You could build a zero entry, heated, salt water pool.  Have it look out over the ocean, and why not the mountains as well?  Just think about it.

the salt water pool in kitsilano-vancouverweekly.com

Maybe get a real park, one that juts out into the ocean and has a seawall built around it- imagine how nice that would be for visitors.  Maybe let people bike around it?

seawall around stanley park-tourismvancouver.com

Or maybe you could pull yourself together enough to get some decent food,

a belgian restaurant

some pristine beaches with built-in log seating,

kitsilano beach

or at least some nice playground equipment.


And, I’m sure it wouldn’t be too much to ask for you to get an aquarium with a porpoise who swims across the tank just to say hello to my son.


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