2013 has been about nothing if it has not been about trains.  Thomas the Train, I must say, has developed an outsized importance in our lives as of late and the matter is not helped by all the spectacular train museums we’ve stumbled on throughout the US.  But putting the current Thomas obsession aside, we have to admit our favorite attraction in the old town of Sacramento was by far the California State Railroad Museum.

Mail Attachment copy 6

Not only did we get to tour some swanky turn of the century (19th century) train cars, but the little one got to pan for gold.  How is that not a good time?

Mail Attachment copy 7

And  Michael once again took the opportunity to dazzle with some terrific photographs. Choo-choo, I say!

Mail Attachment copy 4

Mail Attachment copy 5

In addition to trains we also payed a little visit to the Sacramento Zoo where two wonderful things happened:

1.  M got this photo of G and I to prep for our impending Sydney move…

2.  He also got this photo of G on the carousel where it appears a praying mantis has devoured my head…

G also got to ride on this pony named Caramel.  As I led Caramel and G around the little pony path, I could not figure out why they kept veering off to my right.  Well, it turned out it was because poor Caramel only has one eye.  I mentioned this minor detail to Michael in passing later, and did not realize G overheard me, so now anywhere we go where the word CARAMEL is mentioned G yells out, ‘Caramel is a pony with one eye’.  Imagine how often this happens with the salted caramel craze that’s currently sweeping the nation.

I also have to note before we move on to the glorious and several posts worthy Vancouver, that this is how G rolls around the airport now thanks very much to Melissa and Doug who somehow seem to think of everything and make me so envious at first but then extremely grateful later.

Yes, it’s a suitcase.

Yes, it has wheels.

Yes, it fits perfectly under the seat in front of you.

Yes, it has a strap so you can PULL HIM ALONG behind you in the airport.

Yes, it’s supposed to be a tiger.

And yes…Mr. Potato Head gets to ride it too.

I love you Melissa and Doug.  I love you both so much.

While our next official stop was the delicious and breathtaking Vancouver, we took a little side trip to San Francisco first.


  • Will these lovely surprises never stop, that kid must put himself to sleep at nite just re-living the fun days he has had. He is sooooo adorable and Michael you are a whiz with the camera. Of course Betsy, you are good at everything as well but such fun to see it all. That suitcase is the cutest ever, looks like it would be hard to get on board but you say not so here’s to the “Easy Rider” through the airport. The Mama with the baby in the pouch is priceless, would love one if possible but not if it’s too complicated. Time is closing in, I don’t even like to think of you all being so far away but I am happy for you ad the new adventure. Hugs, GG

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