Good Morning, Baltimore

So we stuck to the harbor area in Baltimore and stumbled on one of the best Aquariums in the country, a state of the art Science Museum and a fully loaded Children’s Museum as well.  If you are traveling with little ones, these three stops will fill up your whole weekend.  Our visit to the National Aquarium was an all day affair (twice!).  The dolphin show was second only to the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago and none of us have ever seen a shark exhibit anywhere like the one in Baltimore.  It’s a twisty, turney, dark, underground bat cave with big sharks whose proximity will give you the heeby jeebies.Mail Attachment copy 2

Mail Attachment

Mail Attachment copy

Plus, Michael had a lot of fun taking pictures of jelly fish…aren’t they beautiful?

Mail Attachment copy 4

Mail Attachment copy 3

When you leave the Aquarium you just have to take one of these paddle boats out into the harbor…because why not?

Mail Attachment copy 7

More info on the Port Discovery Children’s Museum——>here

More on the Maryland Science Center——->here

Our next stop was New Haven.


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