elephantI know, I know!  Get out of New York already lady!

I will, I promise, but before I go, I have to give a nod to this fantastic toy store Piccolini in Nolita.  G and I were out wandering in Uncle P’s Yankee jacket when we rounded the corner into this sweet little kid’s shop.  The woman behind the counter (Alex) gasped when she saw G walk in. She dropped everything she was doing, ran over to him, and sat on the floor with him to play.  LOVE!

Her store is stocked with some of my most favorite toys on the planet.  A lot of them are French.  OK!  I know!!  I’m a francophile, at least I admit it.  While she entertained G, I became absorbed in books and toy ideas for G’s impending 3rd birthday.  What I really wanted to get him was a Janod wooden circus train.  It really seemed too big to bring on the road with us.  Not to worry Alex said, they would open up the big box, break it down into smaller boxes and wrap them for me individually.  Really?

of course, Michael had a great time doing a photo shoot!
of course, Michael had a great time doing a photo shoot!

Then she pointed out a book that had caught my eye.  It’s a story of a little Parisian Bear, named Mouk who decides to go on a bike ride around the world.  He hits 12 different and exotic places including Kangaroo Island, Australia and NYC.  So…obviously I had to get it.  Look how stinking CUTE it is!


Plus it has reusable stickers you can incorporate into Mouk’s journey for him.

If you don’t have the ability to get to Nolita any time soon (believe me!  I know how you feel) you’re in luck, because Alex’s charming store is also on line.

Take a peek—->Piccolini

Our next stop was Boston.


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