Why I Heart NY

Oh New York, it is so hard to leave you. After 15 years together, I’m still as giddy as a school girl when someone mentions your name. You’d think after all this time I would just be sick of you.

where else do your bad photos just look like you're avoiding the paparazzi?
where else do your bad photos just look like you’re avoiding the paparazzi?

Well…to be honest…I was sick of you for a bit. When you are lucky enough to live in what you consider your favorite place on the planet, it does not change the fact that you live there.

but at least Dr. Norman makes the dentist visits fun
but at least Dr. Norman makes the dentist visits fun

Life has certain inescapable daily responsibilities: work, appointments, errands, children, etc. So when you move in down the street from some gorgeous museum or fantastic restaurant and you think, ‘I will go there every week,’ it says something when you realize you have been to said museum/restaurant once, if at all, in the past several years.

I'm talking to you Pearl Oyster Bar...15 years and I still haven't had the chance to visit you.  pearloysterbar.com
I’m talking to you Pearl Oyster Bar…15 years and I still haven’t had the chance to visit you. pearloysterbar.com

When you realize all you really do at the end of a day is lie down on the floor exhausted while you eat the left over Chinese food you lazily ordered the night before, you begin to feel as though you might appreciate that beautiful museum and fantastic restaurant more if you could just come to visit New York City one day.

wouldn't it be fun to go to New York and ride the subway?
wouldn’t it be fun to go to New York and ride the subway?

Absence does make the heart grow fonder, New York, and now that you have been set in relief for the last 3 months I can take this opportunity to romanticize the idea of you again.

our friend T's fully stocked bar helped also...
our friend T’s fully stocked bar helped the romanticizing process begin…

But what I discovered during this week long visit to NYC was something very different than what I had expected to find. Yes, I miss Fairway (a dream of a grocery store, if they would just let me live in a storage closet there, I would leave my family to do so), I miss a good plop down in Sheep Meadow with the Sunday Times (although, I’ve missed that since G was born), and yes, I even miss the potentially frustrating hustley bustley way of life.

why can I not find a cab?  why are there just no cabs?
why can I not find a cab? it’s my hairdo isn’t it?

But what I miss the most are our people, our fabulous friends who we have known for years, who we’ve watched grow and change, who have cheered for us when we’ve reached

who else but n'Uncle Peter is going to lend you the very same Yankees jacket he wore when he was 5?
who else but n’Uncle Peter is going to lend you the very same Yankees jacket he wore when he was 5?

huge milestones, and who have scooped us up when we’ve hit dicier times.  Modern technology does provide the reassurance   our nearest and dearest are always a click or two away, but it’s really no substitute for that spontaneous coffee or that walk around the block when you just need someone’s ear or they need yours.  You know what I’m talking about.

So, when we went to New York City for just one week we planned all sorts of touristy adventures, but instead we ditched all those plans and broke bread every day with people we love.  That is what makes it hard to leave you New York. I’m sure Sydney has its charms, but I know it does not have our people.

The next post contains all the photos of dinner with friends and will be password protected by order of the Queen to protect the innocent…or something like that.  If you forgot the password you can use the form below to email me.  There are some goodies in there.


  • Ah Betsy, you are such a eloquent and lyrical writer. I love NYC just as you do. I still feel like she’s the one that got away and retain plans to return to her some day. But I no longer have people there. Not like you do. And, as you so beautifully put it, it’s the people that make all the difference. Travel well my old friend. Continue to embrace the unfamiliar but hold onto the fact that you are still a New Yorker no matter what city you wake up in. She’s in your bones now. Rest assured one day you and Gray will eat oysters together at Pearl and you will once again plop down in the Sheep’s Meddow. Miss you dearly. xo your people in LA.

  • Oh God, you made me miss NYC even more than I already do. It was the mention of Fairway that really did it. What I wouldn’t do for a Fairway. I wrote a piece about breaking up with NY early on in my blog, I will link it here in case you want to feel less alone in your Big Apple melancholia
    There are so many things I miss, but also after living outside of NY and the US for nearly 5 years, there are so many things I do not miss as well. We are constantly teetering on the fence of ‘would we able to ever actually go back and live there”. Depending on my mood and the state of our bank account, we fall to one side or another. But it warms my heart to know that it will always be there. There truly is no place like it. In case you feel like it: http://wineandcheesedoodles.wordpress.com/2012/09/12/new-york-love-song/

    • Thanks for this reply. You know…really I think we were both so lucky to live in and love a New York that is shape shifting into something else now. At least that’s what I keep telling myself to ease the pain!

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