Saint Martin

We came down to St. Martin for a vacation. We don’t go on “vacation” vacations. Michael and I are very similar in our tastes and we’d always much rather explore a place for its culture, food or history, rather than just plop down on a beach somewhere.


But our life currently feels like a constant vacation and from that we needed a vacation. There is something to be said for the all inclusive resort tucked away on a Caribbean Island.  It’s not our style (for reasons I will spare you from), but in the end we all decompressed with no internet, phones, or errands…just a pool, a beach, an ocean, a book.


St. Martin is in the Caribbean, it’s half Dutch and half French and that was all I learned about it. There was also this spider.  G checked on him twice a day to be sure he was alright.


The whole week Michael kept asking me if I was ok, he said I had a look on my face he wasn’t used to seeing and it concerned him. We finally decided it was just how I looked when I was relaxed.

Our next stop was New York City.


  • Lovely, relaxing is hard work. St. Martin is the perfect spot to re learn, I think I forgot how to do it. So beautiful. What a wonderful vacation.

  • LOL about your relaxed look! Love the pix of you guys and totally dig the spider shot – so beautiful!

  • I know what you mean… there is a strong conditioning to always be doing something to “earn your keep”, which is tantamount to having to justify my existence. I have always rebelled against that and when I feel the urge to do something, I sit and wait, and soon that urge passes 😉 Cheers! and congratulations on relaxing! ☼ tomas

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