I Ran-A Cautionary Tale


WARNING: While this post is tagged under family, it isn’t quite family-friendly. It addresses themes of an irreverent political and social nature. It may even represent bad parenting, but if you have a late-night sense of humor, read on.  If not, consider yourself warned.

Somehow, over lunch with a friend, the topic of Adam Levine or Andy Samberg or Iran or Ahmadinejad came up-I can’t say for certain which one it was.

To the best of my recollection, I asked, “Oh, ha ha, have you seen the ‘I Ran’ video on SNL? It cracks me up.  That guy from Maroon 5 is so serious.”

I played it for her while my three-year-old sat on the floor and feverishly did a puzzle in the type of trance only a three-year-old can get himself into.

Now, before you read any further, take a peek at the full video so the rest of this post makes sense.

Later that day on a trip to Trader Joe’s, my son sang, “I ran, I ran-ecuse me, what next MaMa?”

“Uhhhhhhh. I don’t know, sweetie,” I replied stunned, “I ran so far away?”

I ran,” he sang out, “I ran so far away-what next?”

Stop it, Elizabeth.  Don’t teach him the words to this song.  

Oh, come on.  What are the chances he’ll ever sing it again after this car ride?  He doesn’t even sing wheels on the bus anymore. 

“Uh, Come home and in my arms, you’ll stay?”

Two weeks later, not only has he refined his technique in terms of pitch and rhythm, he performs this little chorus daily, constantly, ad nauseam, everywhere.

Baltimore Aquarium?  Busts it out with dance moves in front of friends and strangers alike.  Grocery store?  Sings it while he runs down the aisle.  Maryland Science Museum?  It was not spared.

While it is esoteric enough, I rue the day when this little number tumbles out of him in front of that one, circa 2008 SNL watcher who gives me a shocked and appalled look.

Until then, may you learn from my mistakes.

featured image: thebreak.com

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