“Well,” I said to my cousin’s husband over Thanksgiving this past year, “this is what will probably happen…we’ll join Michael on the road with Les Mis until August 2013, then the show is supposed to head to Toronto for 6 months, then possibly back to Broadway 2014. So if it all goes according to plan, we’ll only be traveling for a year and change before we’re back in the city.”

I paused for a moment and looked at the floor, then we both doubled over with laughter.

“Wow! That just sounds too easy doesn’t it?”

“Yeah,” he laughed, “that sounds way too uncomplicated, Bets.”

I look back fondly on that moment while I bring you this news…

Michael was just hired by Disney to be the Resident Director of The Lion King starting in October of this year in Sydney…


How could we say no?


  • OMG! Huge congratulations to Michael for being brilliant, and to you for being brave…. What a wonderful opportunity and a chance to try a whole different kind of life. My brother moved to Sydney last year with his wife and thee young boys and firmly believes that it is the best place in the world if you’re a man under 10yrs old! 😉 And anywhere that produced Bill Grainger has got to be good for brunch, right?
    Looking forward to a whole new chapter in your life and blog… And bracing myself for the photos of eternal sunshine and coastline!

    • Oh Kate, that is all so sweet of you to say. If I cannot find a decent place for brunch there, Bill Granger will be the first person I’ll complain to. By the way (speaking of the perpetual 10 yr old male), the main reason Michael took this job is due to its proximity to New Zealand. All he wants to do is get G into a hobbit costume!

  • I’m Glad, I’m Sad, I’m Mad, so many emotions running through my mind. Glad Michael has shown them what he can do and has earned this great opportunity. Sad because it’s sooooooooo far away and at 93yrs of age I will not be doing any traveling, even if I was 63 I would not fly. Mad because I wont get to hug the sox off of little “Sweetie Face” until he’s in school. Then he could care less. But, I’m proud of all of you and I’ll just keep bragging about you until I run out of friends. God Bless/ GG

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