A Major Award

IMG_9934“It’s a blue ball!  It’s a bowling ball.”

In my family you will hear this phrase often muttered around Christmas time, as it’s one of our favorite quotes from the movie, A Christmas Story.  And while my husband makes fun of me in front of my back for my love of that film, I was not ashamed to visit the very house where it was shot.  The house is, in fact, in Cleveland, Ohio and has been made into a museum.  We, as it were, were also in Cleveland, Ohio.  So…why not??

We saw the Fra-gee-lay box—


G hid under the same sink Randy hid under (look closely)—


He also typed up a quick letter on the very typewriter Ralphie used to write his Christmas Theme (in Michael’s glasses)—


We even got our photo taken with the Old Man’s Major Award—

IMG_9952This provides me with the perfect segue to discuss my major award—The Super Sweet Blogger Award.

Allow me to explain…

Awards fly around the blogosphere, there are Versatile Awards, Inspiring Awards, Blog of the Year Awards, etc.  I don’t really know where they originate, but I do know, they are bestowed onto bloggers by other bloggers.

They come with different rules (that everyone likes to break).  Some people ignore awards completely, some display them proudly, some answer the questions that come with the awards and some don’t.

What I LOVE about them is once a blog has been awarded, they then have to pay it forward by awarding other blogs.   This  gives readers the opportunity to learn about blogs they may not have stumbled upon otherwise.

super-sweet-blogging-award21w6451So, with all that being said, let me thank Diary of a House Elf -who has a really sweet, feel good, joie de vivre blog.  It is so nice to receive what she calls a virtual high five. I write my blog toward the audience of my family, so to get a virtual high five from a non-family member is a very nice treat indeed.  It’s like my husband’s friend Devin always says, ‘It’s nice when you tell your wife she looks good, but it’s even better when she hears it from someone else.’

So here are the rules (and how I will break them):

The questions I am supposed to answer have to do with sweets.  I will sum them up by answering YES.  Sugar=YES for me, no matter how much I try to have it =NO.

I’m also supposed to bestow the award to a baker’s dozen of blogs.  (Impossible.  There are too many to choose from.)  In doing this, I’m going to bend the rules just a little and share a reading list of blogs that I know may not participate in awards, or may have received a dozen already.

These blogs continually inspire—so I want to toss them a virtual high five.

1. Food—>Flora’s Table

2. Food/France—>My French Heaven

3. France/Fun—>People, Places and Bling!

4. Fun—>The Sofi’s World

a taste of The Sofis World
a taste of The Sofis World

5. Fashion—>Who’s That Girl?

6. Do It Yourself Envy—>Kate’s Creative Space

7. Parenting/Tech—>iGameMom

8. Parenting/Expat—>Wine and Cheese Doodles

9. Travel—>Gallivance

10. Travel/Photography—>The Great American Landscape

11. NYC/Interiors—>An Afternoon With

12. NYC/History—>Ephemeral NY

13. Stories From a Young Med Student (that will make you weep and force you to not take a second of your life for granted)—>Mullberry Whine

I’ve notified these bloggers by PingBack, a little rule breaking trick I picked up from Diary of a House Elf!  If you do choose to participate, you can find the full list of rules and questions on her site, by clicking here.

Thanks again.  Enjoy.


  • This movie is one of our faves as well. And personally, I would feel proud and honored to have visited Ralphie’s home. And congrats on your “Major Award.” ~James

  • Yes, congrats indeed ‘sweet thang’! You must see A Christmas Story, the musical. It’s to enjoy and appreciate the film on a whole new level.

  • Huge and well-deserved congratulations Elizabeth, and thank you for the shout-out; I’m honoured! I’m going to enjoy working through your list above too; the small handful of known favourites makes me think that we have similar tastes and I’ll make some happy new discoveries. I never told you; you introduced me to Goop (I know, I know, where have I been all this time??), creating a lifestyle envy of quite remarkable proportions…
    Ps love the photo of G at the typewriter – hilarious and beautiful at the same time!

    • Oh Goop! I’ve sent so many people her way, she should send me an $8000 cashmere throw! Have a lovely time in Paris and thank you for all the fabulous posts you’ve created this past year.

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