And So it Goes…

Today we had lunch on Sanibel Island in a divey little fish shack.  Our lunch date pointed across the street and said, “Ooooo look, a Dairy Queen!”

“Dairy Queen?”  I giggled, “I didn’t even know Dairy Queen existed anymore.”  Then I let out sort of a weird, guttural, internal giggle.

“What?” our date asked me.

“Oh…no, nothing,” I said, “it’s just that…well, when I was a kid my Grandpa used to lean over to me just before we were about to have dinner and he would point over at my Grandma and whisper…’Watch this.’  Then he’d yell out, ‘Hey Harriet, I’m going to take the kids to Dairy Queen now.’  dairy queen 31 logoAnd she would get so mad and say, ‘Oh, come on John!  We’re just about to have dinner.’  He’d look back at me with the most pleased, mischievous giggle.  He did this to her at least once every summer for years and she fell for it EVERY time.  I mean, every time.”

At 10pm tonight my Grandpa passed away, just a month after his wife.  Hospice told my Mom over the last couple of days he had been hallucinating and talking to my Grandma.  My Mom asked what he had said, but they told her out of respect, they didn’t eavesdrop.  They didn’t have to, I think I have a pretty good idea of what he might have said.



  • I am so sorry about the loss of your Grandpa Elizabeth…… The warm memories are forever though and the fact that they are now together must bring you some comfort. *hugs*

    • Oh it does. Thank you. I was so lucky to have them for so long…I’m sure he’s teasing her relentlessly again now…somewhere!

  • That’s lovely. I’m so sorry for your loss. It sounds like your loss is Grandma’s gain though. Much love to you.

  • What a beautiful story of your grandparents (and such a lovely photo). It reminded me of my own grandfather who passed away a few years ago and who could be quite mischievous with my grandmother as well (how often did I see her rolling her eyes at him while laughing!). My condolences. It sounds like he was a great grandfather!

  • I’m slow getting to this but I have sent a note to your Mom and Uncle Jack. I know how much you loved your grandparents and how fortunate you were to have them as long as your did. Some people never had that privilege and as one who did I have wonderful memories still of how wonderful it was to have them in my life.
    Tho it may seem too much to grasp at once, when we step back and see the full picture, we can just be grateful they are “ONE” again as it should be. Now you strive to pass all you have learned from them on to your own family and count your many blessings.

    The picture is adorable, what a handsome couple.

  • Beautiful story, Elizabeth. If there wasn’t a DQ in heaven before, I’m sure there is now — even if it’s just so your grandfather can pull your grandmother’s leg 😉

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