Pittsburgh in January

The Benedum Center in Pittsburgh where Les Mis played.  Beautiful right?
The Benedum Center in Pittsburgh where Les Mis played. Beautiful right?
Oooooops…I published this post yesterday by accident…unfinished!  Gulp.  Let me try again—
So what do you do in Pittsburgh for 2 weeks in the middle of January? Honestly I thought we were doomed. It would be cold and gray and industrial and dreary. I knew the whole Heinz ketchup situation started in Pittsburgh, but I wasn’t in the mood for any more John Kerry factoids in my life. When I bemoaned this fact over dinner one night in Philadelphia, my very brilliant and optimistic Uncle said to me, “Don’t be fooled. All the culture of Pennsylvania is not contained in Philadelphia.”

He said it in a way that sounded like a challenge. It made me feel sort of competitive, sort of sporting, I swiftly became determined to seek out all the culture I could find in Pittsburgh that did not involve ketchup. The results did more than just keep our seasonal affects disorder at bay, it actually moved Pittsburgh up to the top of the list of places I think we should visit again.

Watch the REAL trains go by outside your hotel room window.
We watched REAL, live trains go by outside our hotel room window.
Learn about electricity at the Pittsburgh Children's Museum
 At the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh we learned about electricity…
Go to a bouncy house with Briana---Pittsburgh Children's Museum
… & bouncy housed with Briana.
We visited the first famous Pittsburgh Andy Museum---Warhol
One of Pittsburgh’s famous Andys is Warhol…
We chased helium balloons at the Andy Warhol museum
…& it can only be in his museum that you can go into a room with nothing but mylar balloons.
The Aviary got us up close to Bald Eagles...
The Aviary got us up close to Bald Eagles…
photo by Ron Reznick
& an adorable Kookaburra (photo by Ron Reznick)

While I didn’t get a shot of him…I did get a recording of his fantastic call— cuckamp3

Pittsburgh's other famous Andy is Carnegie
Pittsburgh’s other famous Andy is Carnegie.  At his museum we met R2D2—Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi…
Play GIANT Operation---Carnegie Science Center
…& played GIANT Operation…
but the best thing there was the miniature model of the city...
but the best thing there was a miniature model of the city…
...and its electric train...
…and its electric train…THOMAS!
Michael took so many great shots...
Michael took so many great shots…
I have to share them all...
I have to share them all…



Frank Lloyd Wright’s house—Fallingwater
every 15 minutes it would become night night and the city would light up
Every 15 minutes it would become night and the miniature city would light up

IMG_8664Our next stop was Kalamazoo


  • So glad you had such a great time! it is an amazing city to raise children. We are never bored and always impressed by our discoveries!

    • Go! You would have a ball photographing that town. Thank you for the polarized lens tip, ps. My husband has utilized it several times now.

      • Thanks to you, the family and this post, I’m now planning to spend a few days there in May while driving to a photo shoot. I’m also pleased the polarizer tips are coming in handy. Hope you have a great time in Kalamazoo 🙂

      • Oh great! I can’t wait to see your photos. There will be even more to do there in May when the weather is nicer.

  • Nice post Elizabeth. Interesting that you published it by mistake. I’ve done that a couple of times, and it generated a serious string of expletives. In fact, once I didn’t know that I published something (also incomplete) until my sister sent an email asking what was going on with the last post. WordPress should separate the publish/preview/trash buttons.

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