Give Me Liberty (or donuts)

not independence hall

We were lazy in Philadelphia.  I almost skipped writing about it all together.  We didn’t make it to the Liberty Bell or Independence Hall-we didn’t even get our Rocky photo on the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

We just ate donuts.

How embarrassing.

I do feel it’s my patriotic duty to confess our shortcomings and move on since one of our foodie friends went out of her way to compile a comprehensive list of the best spots to eat in this charming town.  Please utilize it if you find yourself nearby.

Her words below-with a few of my comments in italics:

I love any and all of Marc Vetri’s restaurants for amazing Italian dinners — hand made pastas, pizzas and other beautifully made Italian dishes and great Italian wine:
Osteria is the place of his that I always go to when I am in town. It’s just divine. Not too fancy. Your son would be welcome.
-We did go here for my birthday and I ate suckling pig. It was remarkable-if that’s your thing.
He also has Amis, which is more trattoria style, so just a hair more casual.
And then there’s Vetri, which is high end amazing, and kind of a romantic anniversary dinner date place. In an old cozy town house. One of the top places in the country. You’ll spend a lot of money and it’s a fixed menu.

Zahav — you must go there (I didn’t). Fresh baked Laffa bread, hummus, and lots more. The chef is inspired.

Amada — Spanish tapas. Chef is Jose Garces, who is an Iron Chef and has a bunch of lovely restaurants in town.
Fork — suggested by my friend who is a Philly native foodie.
Village Whiskey — gets crowded at lunchtime. Old fashioned masculine place with a long bar and booths. Huge delicious build-your-own burgers and other yummy sides and snacks. And a huge whiskey menu.
DiNics: famous, in Reading Terminal, which you must visit anyway, because there are lots of places to eat and lots of stalls to shop for trinkets and kitchen supplies and chocolates.
-Did not make it to DiNics, but the Reading Terminal is fantastic.  It’s a food and trinket bazaar-great for little ones to run through


Tony Luke’s — My personal favorite Philly cheesesteak.
Sweet Elizabeth’s. For wonderful cupcakes. Of course!
Federal Donuts —  they make Coffee, Fried Chicken and Donuts.
-Around the corner from our hotel room-did us in.

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