Snow Days

Before I get back to my first post since my Grandma’s passing, I just wanted to say thank you for all of your sweet words and comments.  I just know she got a real kick out of it, wherever she is.

And now back to photos of G.  BORING!!!

How does an almost 3 year old spend the chillier days of winter on a US tour?

There must be some days when it’s just too cold to venture out.  What does one do???


  • Omg what gorgeous photos! Particularly love the emails in bed and the yoga assist (so you’re not only stylish and funny but you’re as bendy as a pretzel? There is no God….) x

    • The proof that there is no God is in the fact that while I can do backbends, you can probably make Harry his very own railroad track out of some spare twigs, chorizo and magic. And it will knock our little track from Santa out of the park!

  • If only every child had such an inventive Mommy who can make being “shut-ins” fun. Granted, Hotel living is not like being home but Girl, you are something else, You could just sit around eatiing chocolates and watching TV but it’s obvious that is not your thing, that Happy little guy shows that he’s enjoying the good life and it’s all because of you. If there was a medal for “Best Mommy” you would surely be a a Top contender. Daddy is also a top contender when he isn’t out making a living.
    Happy Traveling, wherever you may be/ Luv,GG

  • I love the sock monkey and love the shots of your adorable tyke (had to giggle over the “coffee” shot, your son is totally channeling the wide-eyed frazzled look of a 9-5’er gulping coffee before rushing out to catch the train) and I’m in equal measures impressed and envious that you can do the full wheel!

    • That’s it!! I’m posting a full wheel tutorial next month! The sock monkey is great, isn’t it? My husband took that photo and it just KILLED me!

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