An Empire State of Mind

a bergdorf window

I had big bloggy plans for Christmas in New York.  I wanted photos of the Bergdorf Goodman holiday windows, the Rockefeller skaters under the Christmas tree, the giant snowflake that hangs over Fifth Avenue.

What happened instead, is the oddly lit photograph on the left, haphazardly shot with my iPhone.  My talented photographer husband was only in the city for a few days-I had to fend for myself in all things photographic.  Meow.

So, I had to do what any modern woman of the blogosphere would do- politely steal showcase other people’s photojournalism.

starting on the paris theatre side:

What I found amazed me.  As technology advances and people’s desire to document and share their world grows-beautiful photos are in abundance.  In 2009 I looked for photos of the holiday windows-none to be found.

this is a sequined cape, ps:

My only option, back then, to see any of the windows again was to buy a five-hundred dollar coffee table book.  Four years later, I have the luxury to curate which photos from the internet I enjoy the most.

turning the corner onto fifth avenue:

So cuddle up, grab a cocktail with a pretty name like Blue Blazer or Old Etonian and let’s take a break from the doldrums of winter to stroll down Fifth Avenue together.

look closely-each square is its own miniature window:
recognize this one? it’s what the first photo in this post should look like:
bergdorf goodman holiday windows 2012 habituallychic 104
look closely again, this is a bird’s eye view of mannequins glued to the wall:
turning the corner onto fifty-seventh street:
the final curtain-what’s hidden in this photo is the detail of a necklace draping down the mannequin’s back (and she’s canoodling with santa):





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