Welcome to the White House

IMG_7163Traveling back in time again…this time to December 2012…we flew from Kansas City to Washington DC via an airplane with a fox on the wing, which we all really dug.

But I will not lie, our time in DC was not as well spent as it could have been. Things were busy and pressured and then of course, the awful news out of Connecticut…

But there is so much to ingest in DC, historically & culturally, I thought I’d take you even further back in time to our 2011 visit…where Michael officially began to Dream the Dream.


(Mind you, what you see below is FAR from a comprehensive list)

They are all free (with the exception of a few like the Spy Museum and the Newseum).  This makes it easy to walk in, spend an hour, walk out, go back the next day.

The Smithsonian Museum of Natural History-Dinosaurs and diamonds make a perfect combination.

The Hope Diamond:si.edu
The Hope Diamond:si.edu

National Museum of American History-Our Nation’s preserved history runs the gamut from the Civil War to Dorothy’s slippers.


The National Gallery of Art-Just beautiful.  We went in 2011 when G was just 18 months.  We wandered back again one somber afternoon in 2012 to find it filled with flowers for the holidays.

The National Gallery was filled with flowers for the holiday season.

So much to see.  Degas...
So much to see. Degas…
Picasso's blue period
…and this Picasso from his blue period, are just 2 of my favorites.


Let’s see—we have the Lincoln Memorial


…The Jefferson Memorial

photo by ehpien on Flickr
photo by ehpien on Flickr

…The World War II Memorial

photo by Joost Verbeek
photo by Joost Verbeek

…the Washington Monument.

Photo Oct 14, 2 50 32 PM


The Capital…outside…


…and in…

inside the dome
inside the dome

The Library of Congress



Mini Bourne 2011

…and Watergate, as seen here in the background.  We like to call these 2 shots—The Bourne Identity-Escape From Watergate—where G plays a young Matt Damon.

And then, of course, we have the White House.  You can view it from the front…you can view it from the back…and if you look closely you can find this little button on a gate that does not work any longer, but says Welcome.

The front...
The front…2012
The back...decorated for Christmas.
The back…decorated for Christmas.
The Button
The Button

For the full 2011 DC posts, click the links below.

Washington DC 2011 Part 1

Washington DC 2011 Part 2

Next stop was NYC.


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