In Defense of Goop

IMG_7868Boy, do I get mixed reactions when people find out what a fan I am of Goop.

So, I have decided once and for all to explain, with my husband’s photos, how much the fancy lifestyle blog has impacted my life.

If you don’t know, and you may very well not, Goop is Gwyneth Paltrow‘s lifestyle blog and while it gets over one million views a week, it is often met with giddy ridicule from the internet’s snarkier set.

IMG_7794I understand…to a degree.  Ms. Paltrow is fancy, sometimes too fancy, which leaves her open to some very, ‘she’s so out of touch’ snark.  When too fancy and too snarky meet, much havoc can be wreaked.  And while I, myself, can sometimes enjoy a good snarky laugh, I feel I lost the ability to do so with any enjoyment when I left my twenties, or rather when my twenties so cruelly left me.  In fact, my twenties are now so far behind me, I feel I can’t afford to roll my eyes at anyone’s efforts, especially Ms. Paltrow’s, instead I feel the need to hang onto her every word just out of sheer reverence.

Yes, I said reverence.  I know.  That is quite a word to use for someone who pops out some recipes and some $800 gold hoop earring collaborations (which, by the way, along with all of her other fashion collaborations, are far from my financial grasp).  I am aware that Ms. Paltrow is not in Libya brokering world peace, but as Lord Grantham says, ‘Everyone has their part to play.’  I like to leave the world peace brokering to the deeply revered Hillary, and while she is out there embroiled in serious change making on a macro level, I believe Gwyneth makes changes to people’s lives on a micro level.



Well, first of all, she gets stuff done.  This alone is something I find tremendously inspiring, even though I know she has lots of help.  I know, I know, I know.  Trainers, chefs, nannies, blog staff, I know!  I know it’s easier for her to get stuff done than maybe it is for you or me to get stuff done.  But there are just as many fancy, fancy ladies out there who have just as much privilege as Gwyneth, if not more, and they do not use their extra time to share all of their clever ideas and privileged information with anyone.  IMG_7930I think proof of this can be found in the Real Housewives franchise.

What else?

FOOD.  Gwyneth Paltrow has it seriously going on with food.  This is where things start to get real.  Her blog and then her cookbook, single handedly changed my entire perspective on food.  Food revelations come to different people from different places at different times, but let me explain to you, why after 4 years, I still prepare every recipe that comes out of her fully staffed kitchen.

The recipes are simple-I am not a cook.  While my Italian step mother got the ball rolling for me, I am continually mocked by all my friends who watch me still measure out every ingredient.  Most of Goop’s recipes have no more than 5 easily measurable ingredients.

The recipes are elegant-Simplicity doesn’t mean boring.  There is nothing better than a dish prepared to showcase its natural flavors.  We often make a Goop Whole Roasted Fish stuffed with lemon and herbs and served with an anchovy based salsa verde.  It is so good we can hardly stand it.  Michael and I salivate over it every single time.

‘Why is it so good?’ he asks me, ‘It’s just anchovy, olive oil and herbs right?  And what else?  Magic?’


The recipes are made with ingredients that will make you healthy-Parsnips and carrots?  Ack.  No thanks.  Roast them for 20 minutes with dijon mustard, olive oil and agave?  Yes please.  Delicious.  If you give her a chance she will introduce (or re-introduce) you to real food, she will teach you how to prepare it in simple ways, she will get you away from preservatives, and sugar and your late night bowls of Joe’s O’s.  She will stock pile your life with simple recipes you can concoct out of everyday ingredients, anytime, without breaking the bank.  She will also help you make some simple upgrades where it counts the most…inside your tummy.

For this reason, my crush on Goop lives on, for what are we if not what we eat?


And LASTLY.  Proof.

What?  There’s more?  I know, I can’t even believe you’re still reading this.  Snoooooozevillle!  But stay with me.

We had all sorts of Christmas plans change this year, friends and family stranded last minute, an impending move, yadda, yadda, yadda.  The next thing we knew, we found ourselves with one week to plan a Christmas dinner for 12 people in our apartment.  A recent issue of Goop entitled—FEAST—came to my mind.  If everyone was responsible for one element we could prepare it together.

And we did.  It took planning and effort of course, but each person had their part to play to produce a 5 course meal with affordable wine pairings out of one tiny kitchen in a New York apartment.  It was a perfect, festive, Christmas night.  The food was simple and delicious, the company was cozy and warm and the laughter was loud.  We were one little group whose lives were made brighter for Goop’s efforts.


*all photos above, except where noted, were taken by Michael

**we did not listen to Coldplay while we cooked


  • Goop soit fou; et fou mal, pas fou bien! (although the taste is often zee most deliciousnesses, it wreaks of GP in zee most significant way!)

  • Agreed. The non-affordable, borderline silly fashion collaborations – gulp. The fish recipe – most of her recipes, actually – pleasantly chew and swallow.

  • I love everything about this post – I too am a Goop devotee, despite the fact that much of what Gwyneth suggests is way beyond my means and lifestyle. Love the pics and the insight into your world; they’re beautiful! And I’m salivating too about the fish recipe which I missed… one to try next weekend, for sure….

    • Along the lines of Goop—I wanted to share my favorite fashion book with you.
      Parisian Chic by Ines de la Fressange. Take a peek…I think you’ll love it.

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