Demand a Plan

Please watch…

and then please sign, donate, write a letter to Congress by clicking below…

Demand a Plan – Home.

My crush on Bloomberg endures.


  • Is Wayne LaPierre nuts??? Why just arm school guards? Let’s all “pack heat”….teachers, students, janitors…..everyone….. just shoot ALL the BAD guys….and all will be well! What a pathetic recommendation and paranoid view that this is the best we can be!!

  • I figured that, after those firefighters were shot, the NRA would call for them to be armed too. This could lead to an amazing scene where a school catches on fire and in the mayhem firefighters show up and rush into the building, guns in hand, just in case. The teachers, seeing the guns, assume the firefighters are fake and there’s going to be another school massacre, so they start shooting the firefighters. The firefighters, figuring it’s another ambush, start shooting back. And we end up with a slow-mo, Tarantino-esque bloodbath of a shootout between teachers and firefighters, all while the building burns down.

    At least we would have our freedom, though.

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