What Happened in St. Louis

Yes, in St. Louis we were very spoiled in our Painted Lady in Lafayette Square.  Honestly we were all so happy to finally be together that we didn’t leave the house nearly as often as I thought we would.  It was also fall for heaven’s sake and we had our own big, backyard with its own big tree that cascaded leaves to the ground with each gust of  cool autumn wind.  When we were back inside there were antique safes to crack in our ninja pajamas (with bananas for sustenance).  So you tell me.  How often would you leave?

That being said…I’m surprised that we actually took in so much of what St. Louis has to offer.  In fact, I think we may have left quite a few stones (or Botanical Gardens) unturned.

Lafayette ParkIn addition to Lafayette Square housing  fantastic Painted Ladies, it also has a beautiful park we took advantage of constantly.  The park was built in the 1800s as well, the oldest park in America west of the Mississippi.  It has a similar layout and feel as the Public Garden in Boston which was built in the same era.

Cherokee Street-One day we headed south to check out this particular street known for its antique shops, and haunted mansions.  We stopped here at the highly recommended MudHouse for coffee.  And while we didn’t come away with any antique treasures, we were able to snap G’s next album cover.  We like to call this one…


The Fabulous Fox-Our first day in town, we went straight to the Fox Theatre with Michael to get a lay of the land.  It is called Fabulous Fox, simply because it is fabulous.  It is ginormous and decorated within an inch of its life in the most ornate fashion.  It was built in 1927 and seats 4500 people. (!!)  We had the little guy climb all 3 floors by himself so we could wear him down, it wore us down instead.

a bust of Victor Hugo at the Arts Museum-as if to say, ‘Welcome”

Forest Park-Smack in the middle of town is a giant park that rivals both Central Park and Golden Gate park if I do say so myself.  I never did find any playgrounds in here though.  You know how I feel about playgrounds.  But then I realized what happens at City Museum and began to understand why you don’t need any outdoor playgrounds within a million yard radius of that place.

Among many other things, Forest Park includes a very lovely (and very digestible) Arts Museum, along with one of the best Zoos I’ve ever been to.  They have a petting zoo in there for kids that is essentially 12 goats just wandering around, which is perfect for little ones.  The kids can grab little brushes and have at it.  G made it his mission to brush EVERY goat, no matter the obstacle.

Magic House-Of course they have a great children’s museum here.  Not only was it great, it was HUGE, like a renovated Victorian mansion huge.  We barely made it through the whole thing before G melted down from exhaustion.  It seems like he was so much smaller when I took him to the Boston Children’s Museum in March, we only did the toddler room there.  But now, now he’s off and running with the bigger kids trying to do everything they do.  This is a whole new world for us, an enjoyable world, but also a world that makes us feel like we need to sit down for a minute.

The City Museum-Everybody was all, ‘Go to City Museum, go to City Museum!’

We didn’t make it there until the very last day and I’m so glad we did.  It was outrageously fun, even for a sleepy-do Mommy like me.  I don’t know how to describe the place, it’s like the Swiss Family Robinson Tree House, but ramped up 20 notches.  There were tunnels and spelunking and ball pits, and moments were it occurred to me that somehow we had just climbed up inside the ceiling ducts ala Mission Impossible (or Die Hard depending on your age and action hero preference).

see what I mean?

The Gateway Arch-And then of course there is the good old stainless steel Gateway to the West that sits just off the Mississippi.  You can see it from all over town, and while there was NO way I could go up inside of it for the view, I did feel like I really got to enjoy it every day.

Leo Reynolds-fotopedia.com

So last Monday we dove off the arch and swam down the Mississippi to New Orleans where I type this post now.  By the time it posts we will be en route with the whole cast and crew via bus to Houston for a week.  G is very very excited about this.  There are kids in the show about 8 years old and he LOVES them.

‘I go on bus with friends,’ he says

Before we head out, 3 things:

1-Try not to love Michael for getting this Halloween costume made:  Curious George and the Man with the Yellow Hat.

2.  A New Orleans Preview:

3.  And while I contemplated NOT sharing this video, I think many of you will be interested in it.  Of course our young, hip, Brooklynite cousin Ryan-a St Louis native-sent it my way.

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  • Oh you lucky people, you are seeing America the fun way, long enough in a spot to see the major sites and time to take it all in. I’m so glad you can do it as a family, that makes it special. Love the pictures, and love Michael’s “Canary” outfit. Betsy you didn’t get in any of these, are you the photograher? Good Job. Can’t believe you have the time to keep us all entertained but love you for doing it so well. Hugs, Kisses, to the “threesome”. See you in a couple of weeks, can’t wait/ GG

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