Are You Kidding Me, St. Louis?

While I do not believe in ghosts or guardian angels (for the most part), I do believe in Deborah.  Just look at her, how could you not?  Deborah owned the beloved brownstone we lived in for years in New York, she knew I was pregnant before I did, and she signed her voice mail messages by saying, ‘Bye Kids, Love Deborah.’  She sadly passed away when I was 6 months pregnant with the little man and sometimes I like to think she watches over us (lead poisoning notwithstanding).

So when we arrived in St. Louis to join Michael on the road with Les Miserables we were convinced that somehow Deborah had made special arrangements to welcome us to this new phase of our lives together.  We thought we were staying in a 2 bedroom apartment somewhere in St. Louis.  The plans were made swiftly and hastily in the mad rush to get New York buttoned up.  When we arrived however, we thought there had been some sort of a mistake.  We were not in an apartment, but a 2 bedroom house, and not just any old 2 bedroom house, an actual 3 story Painted Lady built in 1880.

You may recall, when we were in San Francisco we stalked the famous photo-op of the Painted Ladies in Alamo Square and I did my nerdiest research to learn that the term Painted Ladies refers to a particular swath of Victorian and Edwardian homes in the United States with their features highlighted by 3 or more different colors of exterior paint.  I remember on wikipedia it said the most famous examples are the ones in San Francisco and also the ones in St. Louis in Lafayette Square.  Well dear Reader, that is where we are now as I write this post, and where we have been for the last 2 weeks and it could not have been a better welcome to the tour for all of us.

Now why do we think Deborah’s behind it?  Well…we lived in the parlor and master bedroom floor through of her brownstone built in the 1880s and the architecture is exactly the same.  So naturally it reminded us of her and our time we spent there the second we walked in.  But more so than that, it is furnished with several of the same pieces of furniture we had at Deborah’s right down to the exact same color and type of blinds.  It was so similar I found myself waking up in the middle of the night thinking I was back at Deborah’s house again.  There was no suit of armor however…if there had been, I might have left!  Shari said, ‘And then in two weeks, you’ll get to pack it up and leave it just like you had to do at Deborah’s!’  She is correct, the situation is almost exactly the same, except this time, when we leave, we’ll head to New Orleans!  In fact, we’ll be en route when this post publishes.

More photos of all our St. Louis fun next week.


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