Toys in San Francisco

So…I don’t shop.  I don’t like shopping.  It gives me a headache and panic attacks.

But since I’ve had a little boy, all I do is shop for him.  I cannot pass a toy store or book store without stopping in to pick something up.

Sometimes the things I pick up are possibly more for me than for him.

The Curious George Book of over 200 stickers?  Maybe that was for me.

The Georgian French paper puzzles tucked into little envelopes that not even a grown woman (or PaPa) can figure out?

Ok those were more for me too.

At least my mid-life crisis doesn’t involve Twilight…anymore.

Toys that travel well are very fun to spot and acquire, things that can easily be transported to brighten up a temporary apartment or hotel room have a high priority for me.

In San Francisco’s Mission, I found 2 fantastic toy shops…Aldea Ninos has its own play space and Paxton Gate-Curiosities for Kids has one of each toy out of the box for little ones to play with.  As you might imagine he HOWLED like the little Loup he is when I tried to get him to leave either of these shops.  Luckily though he also has just as much fun with a colander.


  • Gasp – I want them all! Perhaps that’s the procrastination talking on this fine Saturday afternoon, but I feel l could play quite well with any of these for quite a while – at least into the evening when it’s time to the use to colander a bit more productively! 😉

  • Loved the Toy story and never saw a cuter kitchen appliance, where could I find one? It must hve the same little character inside tho.
    Call me, I need to talk to you and catch up, been soooooooolong/ Love, GG

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