San Francisco Food

If you enjoy eating, San Francisco is for you. Not only is farm to table taken VERY seriously, you can find lovingly conceived, expertly made, delicious food that won’t break the bank. You can break the bank if you’d like-there is always that option, but you don’t have to in this town to enjoy some tasty treats.

We had a list of a bajillion places to try from family, friends and travel sites-it would have been impossible to hit them all, but we’re proud to say we did a fairly good job.

My Dad’s Picks

In SoMa:

Anchor & Hope– (above) The fish was delicious, the wine was delicious, but all I have to say is-Lobster & Macaroni & Cheese Fritters.

The Grove-A relaxed spot near the SFMOMA: independently owned, cozy, couch seating, a big tree in the middle with lights wrapped around it, eggs Florentine with arugula and a parmesan cream, friendly people. So, yes.

In the Mission District:

Delfina-We stumbled on this famous SF spot by accident. As we were avec bebe we took advantage of the ‘early bird’ feeding hour-we slipped in without a reservation. Reservations for dinner can be a thirty to forty-five days in advance situation. We went with the basics- ravioli in a brown butter sauce and spaghetti. It was so fresh and delicious I felt like the critic in Ratatouille, who after his first bite, gets whisked back to a childhood memory of what his mother cooked for him when he was a boy.

What We Missed:

Comstock Saloon-This looks like so much fun. It has a ‘gold rush’ look and feel and Free Lunch Friday. We missed Free Lunch Friday.

sts peter and paul

Mama’s-This spot is an institution in San Francisco. It’s nestled into the corner of Washington Square next to the beautiful Sts. Peter & Paul church. Recommended by many a person-they are known to make a mean breakfast. Alas, Nanny also makes a mean breakfast.  Sorry Mama-next time.

(the amazing yoga teacher) Margi’s Picks

On Hayes:

Two Sisters Bar and Books A few years ago my favorite yoga teacher on the planet, Margi Young, picked up from New York and re-planted in San Fran to be near her family.

Her boyfriend of many years, Michael, is a mixologist at Two Sisters and was just featured in the SF Gate as the best bartender in the whole town. While I’m not a big cocktail drinker, he made me a gentle nightcap out of magic and sparkles-it tasted like burnt caramel and sent me right to sleep.

For more about Margi and her yoga retreats and classes in Italy, Costa Rica, Beijing and more-click here.

Picks from our foodie friend Lady Grady

In the Mission District:

Tartine-We can barely speak about Tartine yet. It is an institution of bread making.

“What’s the big deal?” you ask, “It’s bread.”

The deal is, if we’d gone earlier in our trip we’d have gone back every day for their Gruyere Puffs.

The space is the size of my thumbnail with a line out the door.  Even if you are not a cake and pie person, once you glimpse the baked goods case you’ll see the light.  Each dessert is so beautiful it looks fake-like it was shellacked for a photo shoot or made out of ceramic. I ordered a croque-monsieur and a crazy looking slice of lemon meringue cake.  Both tasted even better than they looked-if that’s even possible.


Bi-Rite Market-It’s a treat. It’s TINY, but somehow they pack it all in-from cleaning supplies to a fish counter. Everything we purchased was fresh, delicious and of amazing quality.

Bi-Rite Creamery-Ok.  Homemade ice cream that tastes of amazing things like honey and lavender or salted caramel.  We know how overdone the whole salted caramel thing can get, but I will always love it and I will always order it and I hope it never, ever goes away.

Humphrey Slocombe-Lady Grady informed me-even though Bi-Rite Creamery ice-cream is amazing-there is even MORE ice cream out there and we should go find it, the touter the sweeter. One afternoon we schlepped it over to this joint to find a long line and an intriguing list of flavors. With everything from Salt and Pepper to Olive Oil to Government Cheese, we chose Malted Milk Chocolate and Nutter Butter. Sometimes you can’t resist the classics. Next time, we’ll think about SECRET BREAKFAST-bourbon flavored ice cream with corn flakes.

FourBarrel Coffee-This is my husband’s department, but it must be mentioned because it’s such a scene. Coffee descriptions run along the lines of the most intricate wine descriptions-

FLAVOR: Navel orange, cinnamon, and fig fragrances introduce a creamy cup. Watermelon and lime flavors balance a fresh pastry and cardamom finish. Excellent mouthfeel.

What We Missed:

Bar Agricole-Just look at their brunch menu.

THEN there’s the Ferry Building a food mecca all its own that will receive its very own special post. Until then…

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