Farewell Old Friend

And then it happened. Suddenly the screen on my laptop turned blue…not the bright sky blue which is familiar and comforting to your average MacBook user. This was a blue I had never seen before, sort of a pale, grayish, steely blue—the kind of blue that instantly told me there was nothing more we could do. ‘Close her up,’ it seemed to say, ‘say goodbye and thank Steve Jobs you backed up all of your data.’

Her replacement will not arrive until September 6th (say wha?), so it’s time for a bloggy vacation.

A few things first—

We are back (and very jet lagged) from San Francisco and I have about 10 blog posts waiting in the wings about our trip. I promise to deliver them in a more organized fashion than I have in the past. It’s my New Fall resolution.


A lovely friend of ours who worked with Michael on Cabaret last summer in Paris arrived today. She is visiting our fair city for an entire month to explore and enjoy. She will stay with us and has graciously offered to help me with G. She is on Paris time, we are on San Francisco time, we are all in NYC time…and never the 3 shall meet.

In October we will join Michael on the road in St Louis and travel with him until mid-December.

Our life will look something like this:

NYC—>;St Louis—>;New Orleans—>;Houston—>;Chicago—>;Kansas City—>;DC—>;NYC

I also thought you might enjoy what G did to his room the minute we walked in the door.


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