Go West!

I’ll be back on my blogging schedule in no time. We had a slight interruption as the little man and I tore through the last couple of weeks in preparation for our summer in the Bay Area. Les Miserables sits down in San Francisco for 7 weeks! So Michael secured a great little apartment for G and I to come join him. There will be plenty of blogging material out here as:

A. I have never been to San Fran so I’m excited to dig into everything it has to offer.
B. G is starting to talk more with resulting hilarity.
C. Nanny Rigsby is possibly arriving at some unbeknownst time all the way from England.
D. We’ll be making a trip to see the stage version of The Exorcist (!!??)

Enjoy your summer…I look forward to all of your adventures, posts and photos.


  • I am so glad y ou are there, safe and and a threesome for awhile. Take it all in, I know it will be an interesting blog as you tour the city and share it with us. Love You all, GG

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