Eating in Boston

Due to Michael’s schedule, the little man’s schedule and my advancing years (hello 9pm bedtime), we did a lot of what we like to call—hotel livin‘ while we were in Boston.  This included activities like lining up toys on shelves for photo ops…

and finding ways to make the little one giggle…

So this scenario didn’t really leave us with much time to go restaurant hunting, which is something I used to really like to do before I had the little man.  Now I’m fine with a bowl of cereal for dinner.  BUT once in awhile we left to go out to eat and I think I should share 3 unassuming little spots with you because they were so great.

First we have Four Burgers right on the Common.  I know…I can’t shake my (not so) secret, dirty burger habit.  But there is nothing dirty about this place.  It’s fantastic.  Can you guess what the concept is?  Yes!  Four Burgers!

1.  Local, grass fed beef.  2.  Free range Turkey  3.  Wild Alaskan Salmon  4.  Veggie

This is a dream come true for me since I’m married to a fish-a-tarian.  The only veggie option at Shake Shack is sort of a fried cheese ball that makes Michael feel really bad about himself.  These four burgers were all so good we went there 3 times.  Bah!  Plus they had a great beer and wine list and really good sweet potato fries.

Best of all, the owners were in the store bringing out burgers, clearing the tables, helping in the kitchen and chatting up customers.  The one I talked to (whose name I can’t remember because I’m the worst with names—I’m sorry!) was a very cool, down to earth, family guy who loves what he does and really has an interest in cleaning up the burger and fries scene a bit.  I begged him to bring the store to New York, but not too close to our apartment.

Our next stop was a little fancier but no less friendly than our new friends at Four Burgers.  G and I stumbled into the beautiful, historic Boston Public Library just in time for tea.  The Courtyard Restaurant has this lovely high tea service from 2-4.  It was 3:45.  Not only did they let us sit, they brought us extra treats and took our photo.  The room was pretty easy on the eyes as well.  One day I will try to remember to bring more than just my iPhone camera with me to get some nicer photos.


lemon tarts are surprisingly sour

And finally, the Union Oyster House.  A bit of a tourist stop?  Yes.  But so what?  We ate it up.  This place opened its doors in 1826 and is an historic landmark.  It’s cozy and tiny and perfect.  We got to sit upstairs in these old, wooden booths with this great amber lighting.  It made you wish there was a blizzard outside…I mean, I’m glad there wasn’t, but…look how cozy…

The presentation is authentic, no pretense here…our 2 dozen oysters were just shucked and thrown on a plate.  Plus everywhere you look there is a plaque denoting some interesting historical factoid, like…

This was JFK’s table.  They are clearly very proud of it.  As they should be.


  • You guys are “tasting” your way while seeing all these amazing places all over the country. What Fun/ The “Little Man” will never know how lucky he was to have such a wonderful childhood, sure glad you have all the pictures to explain later.
    Love all the info coming through, am anxious to see how Fl. works out, can’t believe it yet. Maybe you can get started on a “Book”(maybe you should wait until after Fl) and it could be a best seller. Gray is still sweet and adorable and I know he is never going to be shy around anyone, he has surely met with a lot of all kinds of people and can’t see him as a “Wallflower” God Bless/ GG

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