It’s been a wild week and I haven’t had the chance to post anything.  Eeeeeek.

But on Friday I really enjoy re-blogging something I discovered during the week that was helpful, inspirational, funny or just awesome.

When I first started blogging I thought about doing a monthly post about my favorite apps for the iPhone and iPad, but then I discovered something better—iGameMom.com

The world of apps grows and changes so fast, it’s almost impossible to keep up, but somehow (and I don’t know how), this lovely mom tests out all kinds of educational apps for kids and gives her reviews.  She also alerts you when something is having a special and will be offered for free for a limited time.

I bought just about every app in the 1-3 year old category she’s recommended and they are all great.  We play them together and I watch my 2 year old learn colors, numbers, words, shapes, songs, animals, and more.

There is no WAY I would have had the time to test them all out myself.  Thank you iGameMom!

Have a great weekend.

One comment

  • Wow, thank you! It is so nice to see comeone’s praise. iGameMom.com just had a facelifting and moved to a different host (while the web address is still the same), please come check it out. I am not sure if you are following, if you do and would like to continue gettting the updates, please visit the new site and sign up. With the move, I am not able to keep the followers data. So if you won’t be able to get the updates unless you sign up again. Sorry for the inconvenience. I did not realize this till the site moved.
    Thanks again for your comments and hope to see you at the new site.
    – iGameMom.com

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