The Boston Children’s Museum

I fell head over heels for the Boston Children’s Museum. It’s spectacular.  Somehow, I’ve been to many a Children’s Museum in my day and this one is right up there with the champs.

 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

First of all, the lunchroom is attached to an Au Bon Pain so no hamburgers and fries for lunch. We had black-bean burgers with avocado and a side of hummus and cucumber instead.


Then we headed right up to the 2nd floor (out of 3) to the fabled 3 years and under room.  It took us about an hour to get there because we had to stop in the children’s art gallery, then the water play room, then the kindergarten classroom…I could keep going, in fact there are so many rooms and exhibits worth mentioning, I just have to link to them here.

We spent quite a bit of time at the GIANT checker board.

Not only is everything bright and clean, but the staff came over to interact with the children from time to time to maybe show them how to use something or to inspire them to play with something in a different way.  They even just came over to blow bubbles. What?  Bubbles?  Yes.  It was fantastic.

When we finally made it to the under 3 area, G literally squealed with delight when he saw all the other kids having so much fun. The area is vast with 8 different sections including an art room, a kitchen and an indoor playground.  The story room is complete with a rocking chair for 2 and a full library of children’s books and parenting books (!!).

And the best part about it? There is seating for parents along the perimeter of each section. You can just sit down and kick up your feet while your little one runs from room to room.  PLUS the whole under 3 area is gated and has only what I can describe as its own door man.  This watchful attendant stands guard so big kids can’t bust through and knock the little ones down and the little ones can’t escape.  If they had just had a cocktail bar it would have been perfect!  This type of set up really allows little ones a taste of autonomy.  Plus it provides them with the ability to interact with other kids without their parents hovering over them simply because they have no other place to go.  He and I both had a great time.

Suddenly in the midst of all our fun, there was an announcement that there was to be a puppet show in the kindergarten room!  Hoooray!  Off we went…we then still had more than half of the museum left to explore by closing time (yes, we closed the joint).  I had to tear him away through sirens of wails and sobs.  As I tried to calm him and get the stroller, the attendant said, ‘Don’t worry…that’s the reaction of most kids when they have to leave this museum.’


  • I wanna go!!!!! It sounds so awesome. The Toronto Science Center has a lot of awesome stuff on their kid’s floor but this…this, is way beyond! So amazing!! Nice job Boston!

  • Betsy you do find the most interesting places to entertain that little boy of yours. I don’t blame him for crying when he has to leave. Is it close by, if so there’s the spot for a rainy day. Loved it all, see I have some more from you, wasn’t on for a day, Ill catch up. Keep ’em comin/ Luv GG

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