We LOVE Boston.

It’s like a set of a New England town, but I guess that’s because it actually is a New England town.

"A plan of the town of Boston with the in...
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Coming from the Mid-West, New York is as close to New England as I’ve ever been and that was originally settled by the Dutch.  I’ve always had these ideas of New England towns in my head…so Boston is that idea realized.  Why I’ve lived in NYC for 13 years and never bothered to travel to Boston is beyond me.  It’s fantastic.  Michael’s here with Les Miserables,  for 3 weeks, so we thought, let’s go visit him!  A quick hop down to Penn Station, a jump onto the Acela and three hours later we were here.

What we’ve discovered so far is that we love it.

First of all, it’s spring.  So that’s nice.  The weather is in the 70s which is perfect for a walking town.  Michael doesn’t have to be to rehearsal until 1 so our mornings are occupied by coffee, baby and our first breakfast.  Then we head out to the Boston Common for a walk and second breakfast.

The Boston Common is officially the country’s first public park (some argue, the world’s first public park).  It was purchased by the Puritans in the 1600s for $150.00 from Boston’s first European settler.  All kinds of crazy things have happened there…cow grazing, witch trials and speeches by Martin Luther King; hangings, riots and concerts by Judy Garland.  The list goes on.

Once we send Michael to work around 1230, the baby and I go on adventures.

Our first big adventure was Charles Street.  This is an adorable street that sends you right up along Beacon Hill.  This is a very old, elite part of town where the likes of John Hancock lived (presently John Kerry lives here) and lots of other Boston society types.  It’s simply charming.  There are narrow, tree lined streets with gas burning street lamps and rows of brownstones and town houses.  Charles Street, named after King Charles of England, houses little shops and hotels and places to eat.

What we fell in love with on Charles Street:

It is Easter time, the greatest time of year for darling, little chocolates and Beacon Hill Chocolates had a HUGE assortment of handmade goodies.  G picked out a cute little bunny head on a stick.

This is a tiny children’s shop that is great for gifts.  They have toys and clothes from lots of my favorites like Hatley, Zutano, Petit Bateau, Melissa and Doug and Aden and Anais.

This frame shop/gallery has a show going on by Andrew Woodward of the fifty state animals.

They were selling prints and I thought it would be fun to get one for G, but the New York State animal is the beaver…

He’s cute and everything, but we decided we liked Massachusetts’ little Boston Terrier better.

We popped in here just to get a brochure.  How could we not when they have an Edith Wharton room?

We also went to check out this hotel which used to be a jail. (!)  It’s run by Starwood now, a purveyor of high end hotels and is really beautiful inside, but there’s something…well…pretty creepy about it. Jail doesn’t conjure up the most romantic of images…who’s with me?

My other favorite little shop for gifts and goodies was this place, Black Ink, loaded floor to ceiling with fun little treasures.  I found these great Crumpled City Jr. maps from Palomar, which I’m sure are old news, but not to me!

They are spill proof, tear proof and awesome.  Their maps for kids are colorful and bright and point out a lot of good spots for kids to go.  I grabbed the NYC one for the little man…because why not?

They make a handful of maps for kids…

and have grown up versions too…

More Boston to come…


  • Boston is the perfect size city, with all of its different neighborhoods. So much history and culture, and all very accessible. Great post, Elizabeth. I enjoyed it.

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